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This website had an amazing run for a couple of weeks, and it is something I thoroughly need to get back to.  The main thing that comes down to is planning.  Planning allows me to devise agendas for the day and to spread out content more evenly and consistently, resulting in daily updates more-often-than-not.  However, I realize that plans have to be followed lest I find myself lacking and drowning in a massive pile of things that require my attention and feeling overwhelmed and overburdened. 

The answer to this is Microsoft To-Do, a program which allows me to plug in things I need to get done.  I find myself writing down things I need to do all the time, but having a convenient way to keep track of it (as well as having smartphone-to-computer synchronization) helps exponentially.  I expect this to greatly alleviate me having to figure out what to do first.

 Bionca-Lily Update 

Bionca-Lily, the mascot for this website, has received an overhaul as far as her appearance.  While I have not designed the outfit yet (this is just a placeholder), she has changed as far as her look goes via hair change, eye marks, bangs, etc.  I think this one fits her a lot better and is closer to the image I normally use for myself (as far as the eyeliner goes).  I am quite excited for her!

The featured image for this post is the RNTS version of her drawn by resident artist, Raven (Audoko).  She is responsible for making and hosting this website for me as well as all the official art for, please support her!


THE REAPER NIGHTMARE TOURNAMENT SERIES | 死神の悪夢トーナメントシリーズ is going to be taking its next step forward in actively planning tournaments ahead of time to get the maximum amount of turnout by giving as much notice beforehand as possible.  This is taken in the form of actively planning for the future by the RNTS Staff (RoK, RaS, Flex, Raven, and Shiro).

There will be a tournament page where “Sign-ups” is now, which will list all the active games and the tournaments that will be held.  This will allow people to know what tournaments are going to be which week and can actively plan to be at certain ones ahead of time; this will hopefully be the default hub people go to in order to learn which tournaments are taking place and will kind of self-sustain itself and bring stability and balance to the community.

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