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RNTS-12-DBFZ Tournament Results

Thursday, January 10th marked the 12th tournament for THE REAPER NIGHTMARE TOURNAMENT SERIES | 死神の悪夢トーナメントシリーズ and the first for Dragon Ball FighterZ!  10 competitors fought it out to see who would come out on top! 

First off, I must offer an apology for taking nearly 5 months to post the results of this tournament.  Even more than that, I no longer have the tournament footage so you can see the Top 8 Matches.  This happened because of a lack of diligence and professionalism on my part.  Thankfully I had already written the “Match Highlights” section of these results the night of the tournament (which also shows how lazy I was concerning everything else).

I have already resigned to do better in the future and to make sure I hold the highest standards for myself and my endeavors.  Hopefully these tournament results will suffice.


Tournament Bracket
CHAMPION mcluvin65
2ND PLACE tobear10
3RD PLACE Hellgates666
4TH PLACE Shokame88
5TH PLACE G27FoxHound, It1985
7TH PLACE Knoxvillain28, Fontainepaco
9TH PLACE JinguBangarang

  •  McLuvin65 Teen Gohan was going absolutely NUTS!!  The winner of our first tournament was in the making, and w
  • Shokame88 was making me shake my head so many times.  Made it within the Top 8 and did pretty well, but made a lot of costly mistakes which made him lose the match.  The biggest thing he needs to work on is his meter hoarding; you can only build so much and you REALLY have to use it more.  No level 3s to force out sparking, no multi-ultimate Z-change in order to kill characters.
  • Hellgates666 played phenomenally and managed to get 3rd place.  I feel his combo optimization was very lacking which held him back and could have lessened the touches necessary in order to kill someone.  However, he did finish his plate by burning bars when necessary and his auto-combo dependency and quick hit-confirmations made him the better in many scramble situations.

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