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Fortnite: Battle Royale — Why I Love My Squad

I have been playing Fortnite: Battle Royale since the middle of Season 3.  While I did not originally care for the Battle Royale genre,  I came to love it as time went by and I got deeper into what Fortnite had to offer and that the concept is simple, but it can be fun regardless of its supposed monotony.

My friend BJ originally got me into Fortnite: Battle Royale, but he came not to play as much beyond Season 3 which is when I got my friend RaS into it.  RaS brought two other people into the fray with his girlfriend Raven and his friend Shiro; myself and these three would make up my most regularly played with squad when it comes to Fortnite: Battle Royale.


 Combat Ability 

Originally I was not sure about my squad; they did not know the importance of building, shooting games skills were not as strong as others, and the Battle Royale dynamic was something entirely new to all of us.  We struggled with communication as a unit, engaging teams successfully, rotating around the map, and staying together when conflicts arose.  As time went on and we began to understand each others feelings, playstyles, and the important strengths of our specific team composition, we began to get Victory Royales on a near daily basis.

  • RoK — I often act as the defacto team leader; I generally say where we are moving (if it is outside of our norm) or whether-or-not we are going to engage a team.  I am probably the best when it comes to building and combat ability, but I have a bad habit of engaging enemies from close range without alerting my teammates in addition to making wild card calls that can result in immediate death to our entire squad.  Loves Heavy Shotguns, Mini Guns, and Rocket Launchers.
  •  RaS — RaS acts as the vice leader; often times will make calls and definitely leads our other two if I was taken out early.  Has the most colourful language out of everyone within the group and normally acts as the group’s main support due to his “watch and observe” nature.  Often times balances my aggro play style by bringing up safer suggestions to my suicide runs.  Main weakness comes from his temper and its ability to affect his performance.  Loves Hand Cannons, Turrets, and Rifts.
  • Raven — Raven is invaluable as a team member due to her being unafraid of any engagement or enemy.  She will run out and begin to attack the minute we say we are going to fight, often without care for cover, height advantage, or supposed enemy skill level.  Fearlessness and constant bombardment makes her both a bothersome threat and a tempting target for the enemy, allowing the rest of us to do our jobs easier.  I definitely am able to sneak up on many enemies because of her presence.  Main weakness comes from a lack of battlefield awareness and directional tracking due to her preferring mouse and keyboard over controller, also problems with building in stressful situations.  Will generally carry multiple ARs and does not care at all for Shotguns.
  • Shiro — Shiro, in my opinion, has the best aim out of everyone within our squad.  She is definitely the best sniper and is the first choice whenever the weapon pops up.  Definitely the best long range fighter and is better at call outs than both me and RaS are as she does so under pressure while me and RaS tend to zero-in on our current fight.  Shiro’s main weakness lies in hesitation when enemies begin to rapidly build and closing the gap on long-range opponents during a push.  Prefers automatic ARs to Burst Rifles, enjoys Sniper Rifles and does not much care for explosive weapons like Grenade or Rocket Launchers.


While we have a lot of issues personally, we manage to balance out a lot of our shortcomings when we play together.  Believe it or not, I have found that winning with other teams can prove hard specifically because I am so used to how we do things together.  My over aggressiveness is balanced by RaS’ passiveness, Raven’s rambo devil-may-care bombardments are countered by Shiro’s precision shooting, etc.  I find we all work together really well as a team.

Something else that I realize that happens in my group is the sharing of loot and materials, which is not as common as one would expect.  I have watched many other people become woefully selfish with their plays and only thinking of themselves when it comes to building their loadout or giving up their items to benefit someone else.  My team tends to make sure that whoever has the lowest health gets the next health item, that we all have a decent loadout as far as weapons go, and we know saving each other is a priority unless it means certain death or a nigh unwinnable situation.

I find I am often salty when playing with others simply because of the fact it feels as though they did not do everything that they could do.  I often feel that I died because they did not care enough about saving me or giving me items to increase my chances to win the next engagement over making sure they had enough items to be able to successfully heal after the next bout.  A streamer I love to watch does this all the time, and I had to call her out on it because she was literally holding out on a teammate who barely had any health or shields while she was full and had items to spare.



 Team Chemistry 

The personal aspect is something that I also enjoy about our group, even though it is not always perfect and sometimes our issues extend far beyond someone not reviving a downed teammate or making a wrong choice.  Sometimes our issues are deeper rooted and affect us outside of the game, but that still does not overshadow the joy playing with the group seems to bring all the parties involved, at least I believe that to be the case.

  • RoK — I act as the general goofball of the group (we all are, but I am usually the most).  I tend to blurt out random things, constantly singing, and usually  make a joke-or-two in reference to punching a particular thing.  I often have ridiculous commentary and seem to be obsessed with the weirdest quotes (right now it is “Don’t you dare disappoint Vegeta!”, which is a voice line from Vegeta in Dragon Ball FighterZ) which I always seem to get RaS saying at some point.
  • RaS — RaS is the general madman of the group, differing between bouts of joy, indifference, and rage.  While his raging can be bothersome at times, it can also be incredibly hilarious and can change on a dime if the proper things happen.  Tends to laugh and say ridiculous things and has the corniest humor (which also makes it funny).  Pivotal in also making sure the entire group does not fall apart, as it would have if he were not acting as the anchor between myself, Shiro, and Raven on many occasions.
  • Raven — Raven brings her own brand of silliness to the group when the “waffle bot” is not in need of coffee.  She often tends to speak about the Curry Gods and will greet you multiple times with a series of “Hellos”.  When she is tired or agitated, she can be just as random as me, which is a sight to see because it is a rare occurrence.  Oh, I also personally like her form of saying “L-O-L” more than anyone else, and it is so catchy that everyone else in the group has said it themselves in the same way on more than one occasion.
  • Shiro — Shiro has some of the best recurring quips in the group; “Ya nasty”, “Over hereee”, “No!  It’s mine! (followed by a laugh, usually)”, and “Dick all (while RaS says this the most, I always laugh internally when Shiro says it because it is never expected)”.  While originally annoying, her baby voice and laugh have all grown on me over the course of the 4 seasons we have played together.

To be perfectly honest, a lot still needs to happen for our team to mix completely well together.  We have encountered a lot of differences when off of the game, and a lot of what goes on still has a long process to be fully repaired.  However, when it comes down to playing, everyone is for everyone 100%.  I have never really had an issue with out-of-game situations preventing the crew from doing what is in the best interest of someone within the squad, even if it was done in a roundabout way.


 In Conclusion 

My team is far from perfect and everyone is still learning, we do not win everyday, but sometimes we will win multiple times in a row.  Having a mix of everyone’s personalities together, along with our understanding of how each player functions within our team helps us to win games and have fun while doing it.  Being able to laugh, win battles, and ultimately crown ourselves victorious as a squad makes Fortnite: Battle Royale worth playing for me.  So while we may not be the best, we can enjoy each other’s company and can still get wins while playing our own way and being silly and fun-filled while doing so (not everyone can say that).

I feel like everyone who plays regularly should feel the same about their team.  Life can be incredibly difficult, people you meet can be less than stellar to you, and the stress of living life sometimes weighs even the best of us down.  Having a group of people I can enjoy myself around, having a game to play with them together that I know will bring my stress down (even when we are losing) is great.  Overall, I am just happy things panned out the way they did and that everyone has taken a liking to the current king of battle royale games.  I hope those of you still searching find a team where you can win, have fun, and also look forward to playing at the beginning or end of a long day.

Thanks for reading!

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