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The Princess Guide — Getting Royally Schooled Trailer

 Press Release 
To Praise or to Scold…that is the question! Learn to weigh the options in the newest trailer for The Princess Guide, available for Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4 on March 26, 2019!

Now’s not the time to be fooling around! With four kingdoms at stake, it’s up to you to guide the princesses and fend off evil for good! Choose to either Praise or Scold the princesses for their actions and results. The judgement of magnificent success or poor shortcoming is yours to make!

Bestow all your knowledge, techniques, and trust upon your princesses in The Princess Guide for Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4 this spring!

 Gameplay Trailer 


  IMPRESSIONS  — By this trailer, it seems this game will be having the player in the role of a “Guide”, who is suppose to instruct the princesses on how to properly handle themselves.  This game seems like it is going to be combat-oriented, but I have no idea how the story will playout due to your decisions on when to “praise” and “scold” them.  In fact, the whole thing seems to be about adjusting the princesses to behave in a way that benefits the players individual playstyle, kind of like Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma.

Overall, it is an interesting concept for the game but I am going to need more information about the combat system and how that will work.  While it looks free form, you never really know with these types of games.

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