I have not did an update for a few months, though, there are various reasons for that; not really figuring out what I want to do with the website, thinking about if it will be worth it in the future or not, worried about the things I post there, etc.  To be perfectly honest, none of those things really matter at all.

RoKtheReaper.com is suppose to be a home for all of my passions and for me to express my opinions over those things that I love.  While I do anime, gaming, and manga reviews, interviews, and editorials… I am limiting myself so much based off of just trying to be completely original.  Originality is fine and good, but I realize that I am stripping myself of so much and stressing out tirelessly trying to figure out what to write about and what is and is not appropriate.  Something that constantly held dark clouds over me was figuring out what was the best thing to be posting instead of just doing what my heart tells me to do.

From now on, whether-or-not the material is old or new, whether-or-not I have seen the same opinion or that someone managed to beat me to the punch in posting something… I will post my opinion.  I keep forgetting that I am not competing with anyone, rather, I am just doing the best I can and having an outlet to express my thoughts and let you guys come along for the ride.  I needed to realize that not everyone will agree with me, not everyone will like every single article I post and that is perfectly okay in the end of it.  I feel unfulfilled because I simply deviated away from how I felt and was too worried about what everyone else would think about these feelings in my heart.

So going forward, these are the things that I plan to achieve with RoKtheReaper.com;

  • Consistently post at least 1 article a day; a review, editorial, news piece, or an interview.
  • To allow my emotions to run free on whatever I want, this is my outlet to be as geeky and cringy as I want to be.
  • Try and be a hub for everything I like and everything I want to express my opinion on; which happens to be gaming, anime, and manga.

Those of you who are reading this, I want to thank you for your continuous support of RoKtheReaper.com, I just pray that this time around I begin to make the moves the right way!