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Dragon Ball FighterZ — Zamasu (Fused) Impressions

I was hyped at the announcement that we were going to be getting Zamasu (Fused) as a DLC character (well, more like confirmed since the rumors were flying around forever) since he was my favorite character from the Dragon Ball Super series that just ended, and while I personally did not care for Zamasu or Goku Black, their fusion form was absolutely incredible (before he got all “Bio-Broly” on us).

BANDAI NAMCO and Arc System Works dropped new DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ last Thursday, May 31st, that brought the characters SSGSS Vegito and Zamasu (Fused) into the playable roster.  While I do have both characters, I personally was only interested in the Supreme Kai in training gone mad, Zamasu!  Despite working this past Friday and Saturday for 12 hours each, I was able to get in some hearty hours and many game reps with the newly released fighter.

I am sure I will get better in time, as I do have more things to test out and more technology could be found for him in the ways of getting raw damage, knockdowns, and optimizing his Level 1  “Judgment” super for the purposes of lockdowns and firing off multiple others supers; I am going to give you my rundown of exactly what I think about fusion of Zamasu and Goku Black.



To be honest, I think Zamasu (Fused)’s normals are actually pretty good; definitely better than both Beerus and Trunks (who make up the rest of my team) in my honest opinion.  I like how he has a low with 2L which allows him to mix-up and really put on pressure with staggers and empty jump low’s, not to mention it helps with confirms.  5M has very good range and it beats out some low moves that travel across the screen (like Beerus, for example); even better that it is jump cancelable (as all 5M’s are), so it helps with combo potential.  I find his 2H to be good but it feels and looks a little weird.  The range of 2H is deceptive as it does not reach as far as the aura shows, so you will have to get use to it since it is not apparent at first how short it actually is.  Honestly, his Jump 2H seems a bit weird for a command normal, but it does have some use inside of the corner to get off multiple Level 1’s after an Ultimate Z-Change.

Zamasu (Fused)’s auto combo is actually not that good at all to me.  While most games have auto combos as a learning mechanism for newer player and is usually not worth it for veteran fighting gamers, Dragon Ball FighterZ changes that by giving auto combos a unique purpose for certain characters: SSGSS Vegito, Bardock, and Android 16 can slam an opponent back into the ground, Beerus and Trunks can use it to change sides, and SSGSS Goku has a standing overhead attack!  I wish Zamasu (Fused)’s was better simply because I would love to be able to reliable combo into it off of a vanish wall bounce to guarantee a knockdown after the launcher.  Currently, whenever you cannot with his auto combo and you get the second hit, it will leave him two high for the third hit of the auto combo to connect and launch the opponent.


 Special Moves 

There are a few special moves he has; Blade of Justice, Divine Order, Heaven’s Flash, and Wall of Light.  Overall I think these special moves actually fall a bit short, but they do have their usefulness.

 Blade of Justice 
This move is good to end combos so that you may connect a level 1 or level 3 super onto them (the light version); though this does not work if the hitstun has decreased from a long combo already, which is kind of a disappointment.  The medium version can only be combo’d after a wall bounce (Divine Order is good for this) or getting an assist to help you; can be a real pain to setup properly.  The last one is the meterburn version, which is 236H.  This variation can be combo’d off of basic stuff at the cost of one bar, it gives a hard knockdown so dependent upon where you and the opponent are, may very well be worth it to lock them into the corner and force them to either guard cancel, attempt a reflect, or switch in another character unceremoniously

 Wall of Light 
Activation shoots out blasts of lightning from his back on timer; L version being quick, M version being later, and H version shooting out two with the timings of the L version.  Most in the community are just calling this “lightning” for short.

This special move is one of his main combo tools, but I find it is nearly useless for me because getting it setup is increasingly difficult due to Zamasu (Fused) not hitting an opponent during its activation.  Assists with beams like Cell or Goku Black, as well as SSJ Vegeta allows you to extend combo and use Wall of Light to its fullest potential easily.  Most other characters have a difficult time keeping an opponent in hitstun long enough for Zamasu (Fused) to use 214L in a combo (though Yamcha is good for this too).

 Divine Order 
Pretty good, but I wish it was more useful in blockstrings without actually being able to be reflected (where as Blade of Justice is just negative and can also be reflected).  This gives you a wall bounce, and one of the only ways to get Blade of Justice’s to do a hard knock down without having to worry about an assist or meter burning (you can also use 5H into 236M by the way).  Holding down the button sends off a wave of energy which can be useful, but I have not really seen a purpose for it outside of the assist that they give you (which also is bad in my opinion); would be so much better if you could vanish after sending it to create a mix-up, especially since this move needs to be charged to even come out.

 Heaven’s Flash 
This is pretty much just his fly.  Out of this move he is able to shoot Ki blasts by holding down the energy button (he shoots at total of 3), pushing forward and the energy button gives you Divine Order, while simply pushing L,M, or H gives you the different versions of Blade of Justice.

This is pretty useful as far as mix-up goes, as well as for some combos which uses Wall of Light version H.  Fly/Unfly is not good enough to be used in many setups in my personal opinion, as it is nowhere near as fast and ambiguous as Magneto or Morrigan in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 series.


 Super Moves 

Zamasu has three super moves, two Level 1’s and one Level 3; Divine Wrath, Blades of Judgment, and Lightning of Absolution.  All of his super moves can be done on the ground as well as in the air, meaning he can pick his poison dependent upon the situation.  I am going to give my rundown of each move and how I feel about them.

 Divine Wrath 
This move is reminiscent of Frieza’s and Goku Black’s Level 1 aerial super; though it has a weird property to where it will not combine with other supers and instead force itself through them to explode the opponent first.  Though, this could be with certain supers like Beerus, but it allows multiple Level 1’s to connect when using Ultimate Z-Change into another fighter; I know Trunks, Beerus, and SSGSS Vegito have the ability to do so.  This move cannot be shot at any other angle, and it starts off slow and then picks up speed, so it is hard to use as a punishing tool.  Not too bad of a super as long as you plan for it.

 Blades of Judgment 
Zamasu (Fused) opens up multiple red portals behind him, summoning multiple lazer-like blasts of energy to rain  down diagonally upon opponents.

I am going to be perfectly honest; I barely EVER use this super, and I really should start doing so more.  It is perfect for landing multiple Level 1’s with Zamasu, as long as you have the assists necessary to hitstun lock the opponent for the duration it takes Blades of Judgment to activate and begin to fire.  Also is good for forcing mix-ups after a hard knock down, effectively making it a good replacement option for pressure should your assists be on cooldown from use.

 Lightning of Absolution 
Zamasu (Fused) traps the opponent in an inescapable ray of light, he then summons holy lightning down to strike his opponent and the surrounding area.

This move is one of the most beautiful Level 3’s in the game, I just wish that it did more damage or at least caused a dramatic finish where the purple bird forming his aura displayed itself.  Can be done on the ground or in the air, which makes it ideal for combo’ing from long distance or stray attacks; not to mention it does extremely well with  supers that leave opponents up in the air and away from most ground-based Level 3 attacks (such as Teen Gohan and SSGSS Vegeta)


 Final Thoughts 

Zamasu (Fused) is currently sitting on my main squad, joining Trunks and Beerus as “Team RoK the Reaper”!  I find him more technical to use than who he was released with, SSGSS Vegito, and is a bit harder to play and to master.  While I think his special moves leave a lot to be desired, his use of very good normals can make up for it by having good reach and mix-up potential with his 2L.

I am eager to see this character at top level play, and I am curious about things I have not found that will make him an even better character.  I do not think he has much going on with his flying mechanic, but maybe there will be some untold use of it besides variation of his combo trial number 9 which uses the meterburn version of Wall of Light.  Shenanigans will definitely be in tow with his “Blades of Judgment” super, but I guess there is nothing more to do than to see what the community manages to come up with after they sink their teeth into him.

Overall, I find he’s a character a lot will enjoy if you give him time and learn his ins-and-out.  On the other hand I do think that he will be difficult of function on a normal team and that SSGSS Vegito might be the right call for most people who are looking for someone easily able to blend into any team composition; while I think Zamasu (Fused) is the better of the two new DLC characters, he is without a doubt the hardest.

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