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Playstation Vita Reviews are Incoming!

The newest gaming system to be added to my collection is none other than Sony’s most recent portable gaming system, the ‘Playstation Vita”.  Given to me for my birthday by one of my dearest friends, I have now been enabled with the ability to review games for the handheld console.  Given the nature of this website, having a Playstation Vita opens up wealth of content which directly fits the theme of this site and may prove to have a large impact on incoming articles.  Go ahead and hit the jump to find out the full details!

  Thanks Seruki!  

Seruki is the beautiful woman responsible for my Playstation Vita, 64 GB memory card, and a copy of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus: Shojo-tachi no Shomei.  She is an artist, seamstress, and cosplayer-in-training.  You should follow her on twitter, keep up with her on facebook, or visit her website at  Trust me, you will not regret it!

I happened to met her through a mutual acquaintance some years ago and she has grown dear to my heart during that time.  It is very rare that I am able to befriend someone whom I do not fall out of favor with by the first year, it is even more rare that I am actually still interested in speaking to them frequently after knowing them for such a long time.  It is easy to do because I recognize her compassionate personality and willingness to accept others how they are, lord knows that I had some major flaws when I first met her but she accepted them for what they are and me for who I am.

This birthday present is significant because of a variety of reasons.  First off, she knew that I loved video games and was even willing to buy me the highest available memory card they current sell for the Playstation Vita (64 GB) because she knew that I would be using it quite a bit.  This means she paid attention to my habits and knew I would really enjoy this (and I do!).  Secondly, this opens up a brand new avenue in the way of reviews.  Playstation Vita generally has some very good niche titles that I am unable to get to, that all changes with this!  Lastly, this is the most expensive gift I have ever received from a friend… it is honestly overwhelming and I am lost for words at exactly what to say.  I do not have nearly enough money to provide the same type of gift to her…but I do have something in mind for Christmas that should make her see that I also care about her and pay attention.  Thanks a lot Seruki-chan!  I love you!  <3

  The Importance of a Playstation Vita is my place for keeping up with gaming, anime, and manga.  However, the types of games I normally tend to post usually have heavy anime influences, this tends to be things like Japanese role-playing games, rhythm games, dating simulations, etc.  Unfortunately, most of these anime-influenced games are for Sony’s Playstation consoles, a massive problem since I am mostly an Xbox gamer.  Earlier in the year my sister worked as a product demonstrator for Nintendo, the resulting benefit was that I could procure a 3DS…but that only solved the problem partially.  Now that I actually own a Playstation Vita, I am able to branch out and officially begin covering all of those games I have posted as news without actually being able to review; games like Demon Gaze, Danganronpa, and Persona 4 Golden are no longer out of reach.

My plan for Playstation Vita reviews are to simply finish them up as soon as I get them and post up a highly detailed, analytical review that encompasses the main strengths and weaknesses of said game.  I find that handheld games are much easier to review for me since I have more time to play with without being distracted by outside sources.  Generally when I am playing at home, I have to deal with invitations from friends and the nagging urge to be included in their social gaming activities.  With a portable I am typically playing to and from work, on breaks at my job, when I am in the bathroom, and before I go to sleep.  Frankly, I find more ways to play that actually fit into my schedule without having to rearrange anything.  With that being said, make sure you come back to to see future updates as well as reviews!  

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