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Things have been chaotic on my side, but I am hoping to get everything good and running this month for  You can view the details inside if you are interested about what is going on.

  Life’s Troubles  
To be perfectly honest with all of you, the reason my content slowed down to a screeching halt is because of life’s problems.  I grew complacent in a lot of things and I was also being dragged down by a lot of unnecessary baggage that was working its way back from the depths of my past.  Thankfully, I settled a lot of things and I am accepting people for who they are while simultaneously coming to terms with the things that they did.  When you are wronged by people it is never easy to forgive them and move on, even more so that some of them just do not want things to go back being the same and do not are if you are sour about it.
I want to apologize for everyone who has supported this site and the social media networks that I use, mainly because it is you guys who gave me so much love and support and I did absolutely nothing but squander that away.  I also want to apologize for those companies who did trust me with review materials and that I did not get things back to them in a timely fashion, it was unprofessional and actually makes me look like I have weak integrity when it comes to these things.  I am hoping that I can build up my fan base and through hard work, bring back together the stressed professional relationships that I possibly let die during this time.
Please come back and visit, support me on my facebook, twitter, and youtube social outlets, and allow me to do what I wanted to do since I got this site.  It is crunch time, and I am up for the challenge that it will bring.  Gaming, anime, and manga are important to me and so is everyone that supports me.  Arigatou!

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