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The Division’s New “Hijack Extraction” is Completely Idiotic

by | May 18th, 2016 |

The Division greeted us with a trailer for their newest update, “1.2: Conflict”.  This trailer told us about all the new features and the new Incursion that is on its way to The Division, and a new feature that they have named, “Hijack Extraction”.  How they have described it is; “Dark Zone extractions just became […]

“The Division” Gamescom 2014 Screenshots,Concept Art, and Q&A

by | August 13th, 2014 |

Tom Clancy’s “The Division” is probably my most anticipated game of 2015 thus far (Even more so than Rise of the Tomb Raider).  Finally it would seem that we get a little bit more information about the game during Gamescom 2014.  I am glad because I really want to know more about the fine details […]