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Sailor Moon Season 1, Set 2 Anime Release (Blu-ray and DVD)

by | December 4th, 2014 |

Viz’s continual love of the Sailor Moon series has not yet come to an end!  The legendary anime series is receiving a release which contains episodes 22-46.  This release will be available in both a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, as well as standard DVD set.  Either option is suppose to include premium packaging and bonus materials. […]

Sailor Moon Crystal Leaked Opening and Transformation Impressions

by | July 2nd, 2014 |

Sailor Moon is pretty much the queen of bishoujo anime and the unabashed empress of the “Magical Girl” genre.  I keenly remember my sister waking me up at 6:00 am because she wanted someone to watch Sailor Moon with her, and little by little the show grew on me.  Dragon Ball Z got a new […]

Viz Media Acquires Sailor Moon, Including the New “Sailor Moon Crystal”

by | May 19th, 2014 |

Sailor Moon is possibly the most beloved shoujo manga and anime in history, the name alone is legendary and instantly recognizable all over the world.  Viz Media has recently acquired the licensing rights to Sailor Moon and its new series, Sailor Moon Crystal, I personally believe this is a large step in the right direction. […]