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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie

With Sailor Moon Crystal coming out not too long ago, I knew it was only a matter of time before we got a new movie. This is a trend whenever popular anime come back, and we saw it with Dragon Ball Super, already having three movies since the series has announced its comeback (though to be fair, Battle of Gods is still considered to be Dragon Ball Z and happened before Super).

I am curious as to what this movie will be about, and more curious as to how it might tie into Super Moon Crystal (if it does). So let’s watch the trailer and see.

Oh, on a side note before I get into my official impressions; I do like how in the beginning of the trailer they play the anime in different languages. This to me shows the impact and influence of Sailor Moon to anime as a whole, especially to the beginning of the shoujo fandom here in the west.

 Release Date 

Set to release on Netflix Worldside (outside of Japan) on June 3rd, 2021.



According to the description from the YouTube video, this is a “double-feature” anime film they battle the “Dead Moon Circus” from the “Dream” arc of Sailor Moon.

I have not watched Sailor Moon Crystal yet, nor did I actually read the entirety of the manga so I have no idea who the “Dead Moon Circus” is or what happens during the “Dream” arc. However, I do recognize a ton of the moves that are present within the trailer, and they remind me of the new abilities that were introduced to me during “Sailor Moon Super S the Movie: Black Dream Hole“. Mars, Flame Sniper, Jupiter’s Oak Evolution, Mercury’s Aqua Rhapsody, etc. Seeing as how the description says that they unlock “new powers”, I am sure that this is pointing to that.

The “Dream” arc might be akin to the plot within Black Dream Hole, meaning I understand what the purpose of the movie is, but it might be more faithful to the source material if any changes were made for the initial anime movie of Sailor Moon Super S.

I am curious as to how Chibi Usa is going to play into all of this, and what the theme is going to be. Going to have to go watch Sailor Moon Crystal and hopefully get up to speed on what I’ve been missing!

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