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【TEKKEN 8】Nina Williams Reveal Trailer

With us receiving the trailer for TEKKEN 8 not too long ago, it was only a matter of time before more information was on the horizon. The perfect time to reveal that was at the TEKKEN WORLD FINALS which finished up earlier today. Nina Williams is a veteran to the series and has been in every major installment.



TEKKEN is a series that always looks amazing coming out, but then ends up feeling dated because it uses mostly photorealistic graphics instead of stylized graphics like Guilty Gear. You can tell the graphical fidelity of TEKKEN 8 by the character models, environments, and the particle effects on all of the moves. I am genuinely loving the graphics we have, but I am also intrigued by the gameplay of Nina Williams.

First off, Nina looks GREAT. I love her costume, the new hairstyle, and the voice acting. Nina seems to have a change within her moveset, which is something I haven’t seen majorly since Jin Kazama going from TEKKEN 3 to TEKKEN 4. At least, I haven’t played the games enough to notice something so significant right off of the back like this. Having guns as apart of Nina’s standard moveset seems ludicrous as far as the TEKKEN series goes, but it’s good that they are now changing things up in a way where people will possibly be attracted to characters they haven’t before. While I have always loved the idea of Nina, I hated her fighting style. Now I feel her aesthetic will match, and this means I could possibly see myself playing her.

There are a few subtle things I have noticed here; such as the chromatic aberration and black n white effects for certain moves. Bound still seems to be a thing, but is probably changed compared to the previous iterations of TEKKEN 6, TEKKEN TAG 2, and TEKKEN 7. Rage Arts are also different and seem more cinematic and over-the-top to give them more appeal to an audience watching. The environments seem interactable in certain areas, more akin to the Dead or Alive series than what TEKKEN is typically used to (such as as wall splat triggering an explosion which was comboable).

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