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【BNHA】The Movie: World Heroes Mission Trailer

Originally I believed that this movie for Boku no Hero Academia was going to be called, “Three Musketeers” because of a previous preview in which we only saw an image. However, it seemed that the official name of the upcoming featured animated film is “Boku no Hero Academia the Movie: World Heroes Mission“. As always, I’ve included the trailer and will give you my impressions.



I do not speak Japanese, so therefore I have no idea what they’re saying as of now. However, what we can gather is something is going to happen around the world in which Midoriya is possibly blamed instead of the actual culprits. More so than that, this might actually take place in America considering the headline in the news report saying “Japanese Hero”, meaning that the country they are in is not Japan.

One of the things we know for sure is that a covert operation is going to commence, and this is because Class 1-A’s outfits seemed to be composed of night versions of their costumes that are probably specifically meant to be stealth-based, using darkness as their advantage.

While this movie seemed to be involving various heroes, possibly a global effort, we know that it will mainly focus on Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki as the main protagonist. No idea about the lead villain within this movie, but they seem to be based upon some type of cult which possibly abhors quirks.

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