Was not too long ago (5 days in fact), that we were first given teaser images of Melty Blood: Type Lumina. This teaser included character pictures, screenshots, and a miniscule amount of information (which I covered in an article).

Today however, we got a 58 second trailer which shows off some gameplay of Type-Moon Games/Soft Circle French-Bread new upcoming fighter and latest iteration of the Melty Blood series.

 Teaser Trailer 

Seeing as this is a teaser trailer, what we are shown is really limited. We are treated with character’s Arcueid Brunestud, Ciel, Shiki Tohno, and Akiha Tohno in the trailer. We see that the new look seems to be updated sprites, which are even more high definition than those used in Under Night In-Birth; but it makes sense considering things.

We also see that the “Magic Circuit” is still used as far as meter, which means a couple of systems from the old Melty Blood games are likely still in tact. They do tell you the “type” of attack on the side if you pay attention; Ex Edge, Arc Drive, etc. Also they say if an attack is a Counter, has Invincibility, a Punish, etc. I like this as you can clearly see things, but exactly what is new needs to be scene when we see full matches and get a breakdown of them.

Overall, the game looks amazing so far and I am wondering which characters we will be seeing in addition to the four given to us in this trailer. The graphics are great (Really love the fact that Soft Circle French-Bread continues to use sprites), I love the effects on Super activations, and the current environments we were given.