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Boku no Hero Academia The Movie: Futari no Hero | Anime Movie Review

by | February 26th, 2019 |

Originally when Boku no Hero Academia The Movie: Futari no Hero came out last year, I did not go see it simply because only speciality theaters play anime movies. At the time I did not think the experience was worth almost $20 for a ticket, though I feel like my experience with Dragon Ball Super: Broly stated […]

Boku no Hero Academia Review (Anime)

by | July 20th, 2016 |

Boku no Hero Academia was supposedly one of the best anime of the season.  I had heard many good things about it, I had even seen the fan manga of the current giants of shounen manga passing the torch to the protagonist.  However, I had never actually read any Boku no Hero Academia and had […]