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Ace of Diamond act II | Episode 9 Impressions

This article uses information that may be considered a SPOILER. Please understand that reading beyond this point may cause you to learn about things you may not have known about if you are not knowledgeable on the topic. You have been warned.

Ace of Diamond act II’s 9th episode seemed more-or-less like another build-up episode towards what is going to happen in the upcoming tournament.  We got to see a lot of match-ups that are currently going to be happening, including some of the game between Ugumori and Teito.

Seido did have a game, but I was not at all worried about it as the brief glimpse and lack of build up let me know they were going to win, but unfortunately we did not get to see Sawamura play at all.  One thing I am really loathing about Ace of Diamond is their ability to shaft the main character, Eijun, as compared to Furuya.  I get it, this is a shoujo sports anime that focuses on multiple characters so that you are invested across multiple people and more impact is given as far as the team’s dynamic in big games…but I really want more screen time for Sawamura.

Next up, we got to see two first-years took up the #19 and #20th spots that were open on the team’s main roster; Tetsu’s little brother (Masashi) along with the Yui from Mamiya Senior.  Moreover, we got to see see many others angered from not being able to at least be put on the bench, making them more determined while also cursing their inability to progress forward.

The main conflict leading into the next episode is first-year Okumura confronting Sawamura.  The biggest issues he had was trying to use “cheap encouragement” to help his first-year roommate who is not adjusting well to housing with two second-years and adjusting to dorm life.  However, the main issue we see is that Okumura is seemingly pissed off that Sawamura did not ask him to catch, stating that “Are you only interested in first-years if they have a spot on the bench?”.  I believe the next episode will be Okumura and Sawamura playing catch and the first-year seeing how incredibly unique Sawamura’s pitching form and style is compared to anyone he has catched for previously.  I believe that this conflict between Okumura and Sawamura will be the inspiration Okumura needs to get better; either this will make him more determined to listen to his teammates or it will double-down his resolve of needing to do things his way, but at a higher speed.

Not much happened again in this episode, just like the last, but the build up to the finale of Ugumori and Teito (which I believe Ugumori will come back and win) and the conflict of Sawamura and Okumura will undoubtedly bring an action-packed episode 10…at least, I am hoping so.

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