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Mortal Kombat 11 | Jade Reveal Impressions

Official Jade Reveal Trailer

The first thing immediately noticeable about Jade is that she appears undead, probably because of the events that happened due to the sorcery of Quan’Chi.  She still appears to be Revenant, and that makes me wonder exactly how her personality will playout since their master, Shinnok, seems to have been decapitated by Raiden during the reveal of the opening sequence of Mortal Kombat 11.  I appreciate her outfit being sexy and reminiscent of her old outfits, maintains who Jade is  (especially since the howling outcry over Scarlett’s new outfit compared to her old one).  Also, I appreciate the lightsaber-esque design of her signature staff.

She retains a lot of her moveset, her “Razorang” and “Blazing Nitro Kick” appears to still be intact.  Not only that, but she appears to have a counter, an aura-type ability which allows her to freely pass through projectiles (very useful with the current meta we have seen from MK11 gameplay), and also what appears to be a comboable command grab.  Oh!  She also has a move which appears to switch sides, no idea if this works when metered burned when hit or if it also works on block.

I appreciate the humor at the end of her Fatality where she spins the opponent around like a carousel, but I would have much preferred it if Jade would have impaled them through their forehead instead of their eye socket (Scarlett’s Fatality already does this, and it looks too comical with Jade, but could be necessary to keep them spinning without them sliding down her staff).

Overall, I think the character had a very good reveal.  I am digging her playstyle and look, not to mention the fact her staff looks even more badass than I remember.  Great job NetherRealm!

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