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Dragon Ball FighterZ — Base Form Goku and Vegeta Trailer

Arc System Works has released two new character trailers for Dragon Ball FighterZ!  The fighters are Goku and Vegeta in their base form, so we get both of the combatants with all of their skills and moves before either of them actually knew how to become Super Saiyans!  Obviously these forms are going to be different from their Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (SSGSS) forms, but no one knows much about what either one of them will exactly do.

Below you will have trailers for each of them as well as my impressions.  Let me know what you yourself think down below in the comments!


 Goku Trailer 


  IMPRESSIONS  — Most people are going to be complaining that we have another Goku, unfortunately I am one of those people (SSJ Goku, SSGSS Goku, Goku Black, and Bardock…cause he looks exactly like Goku).  Do not get me wrong, I can understand them wanting to use the powers that only Base Form Goku does; Kaioken and the Super Spirit Bomb.  However, I think they missed an opportunity for Goku to go into Ultra Instinct and have the amazing “Ultimate battle” theme from when he first used this power against Jiren in the Tournament of Power (though the conditions for him to go into it would have be ridiculous and rare).

Overall, he seems like a character that is very unique from both his Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan forms, but another Goku is still another Goku.  While the rumors from the past said that he was suppose to be releasing, I was really hoping that we got someone else instead.  All-in-all, I will try him out and he could finally be the one to fill the spot I have been desperately wanting someone to fill as my third character since “Fused Zamasu” just is not my cup of tea.


 Vegeta Trailer 


  IMPRESSIONS  — Vegeta is someone who honestly did not need another form; while we could justify having Base Form Goku because of Kaioken and Super Spirit Bomb, Vegeta did not need anything else.  While having an Oozaru transformation as a level 3 ability would have sold most on Base Form Vegeta’s inclusion, we do not see it.  Something else that is missing is him having a scouter on, which he was shown with when he first arrived to Planet Earth (he better have one and crush it if him and Nappa are on the same team against Base Form Goku).

They did give him a few of his abilities, like his original Galick Gun he used against Goku’s x4 Kaioken Kamehameha when in the air and the “Galaxy Breaker” attack he used to kill Nappa in the anime after he lost to Goku.  They also gave him Destructo Disk, a move he used in the anime after witnessing Krillin use it against Nappa in which he told the latter to dodge it.  This character is unique enough to stand on its own, but I do not think he will be as dynamic as Goku.  Also, they have a special move that appears to his level 3 that looks eerily similar to Trunk’s “Heat Dome” attack, though he did not do this move until he fought Beerus again in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

I wish they would have included someone else, but it is what it is at this point.  I feel like people will have a blast playing him, but I do not see people picking him over Super Saiyan Vegeta unless he has a crazy good assists or become top tier like Bardock when he was first released.

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