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RNTS-BBCTB-1 Tournament Results

Thursday, June 28th marked the first tournament for THE REAPER NIGHTMARE TOURNAMENT SERIES | 死神の悪夢トーナメントシリーズ for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle!  18 entrants battled it out to become our first champion!

The crew of THE REAPER NIGHTMARE TOURNAMENT SERIES | 死神の悪夢トーナメントシリーズ; RoK the Reaper, Flex, and RaS, would like to thank everyone who participated by entering in our very first tournament, watching the stream on, or spreading the word around!  We hope to make a more streamlined and enjoyable experience for everyone involved as we move forward with future events.


 Full Tournament 



  • 1st Place —  Ulquiorra2ndS
  • 2nd Place — IzzyXBL
  • 3rd Place — PolloSucio
  • 4th Place — LoliPenetrator_
  • 5th Place Tie — DefinitelyNotRanc, Shokame88
  • 7th Place Tie — Teddy_Brosevelt9, Phoenix351
  • 9th Place Tie — Cackjay362, Soapbaraa, mlito22885, sameo15
  • 13th Place Tie — BarrelR2x, BananaMontanaX


  IMPRESSIONS  — 18 came with high hopes of becoming our first champion but only one was able to clutch victory; Ulquiorra2ndS was able to do without dropping a set from the Winner’s side in Grand Finals versus IzzyXBLIzzyXBL came from the Loser’s side into Grand Finals by making an astounding 3-1 run against PolloSucio‘s team by pulling out a Kanji/Makoto team (the first and only Kanji or Makoto we saw in the tournament).  Unfortunately, his main team of Azrael/Hakumen was not enough to pull off the victory against the winning team of Ulquiorra2ndS, consisting of Carmine and Hakumen.  Overall, it was an excellent Grand Finals and I hope that the runner-up and reigning champion make their return for the 2nd tournament next week.

I also want to give a special word of praise to a few people.   Shokame88 for his Yu Narukami/Hakumen and Yu Narukami/Gordeau teams.  We first saw him in Loser’s side, and he showed impressive prowess with his characters and made some good reads and excellent plays.  Unfortunately, he was put into Loser’s by Ulquiorra2ndS 3-1 and then eliminated by IzzyXBL 3-1; both entrants who were 1st and 2nd in the tournament by clawing their way to Grand Finals.  Furthermore, loliPenetrator_ has the most ridiculous name in the entire tournament.

Also, I am disappointed I had to disqualify DefinitelyNotRanc due to not being present to play his match.  However, I did give him adequate time as I played out the remaining Loser’s bracket matches and the Winner’s Finals match before having no other choice.  Hopefully he comes back and can complete the entire run.

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