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Grand Kingdom Classes Revealed!

Grand Kingdom, a Role-Playing Game, has now announced the classes revealed.  They are separate into four major categories of Mage, Melee, Ranged, and Specialists.  Every class specializes in a particular thing with the ability to counter one of the other classes to provide true tactical strategy.  The full breakdown of every class type is right inside.

Grand Kingdom debuts on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita in Europe June 17th and June 21st in North America.

[   Class Breakdown   ]

Grand Kingdom has three basic class types that operate in a mechanic similar to “rock-paper-scissors”, where one counters the other.  The classes happen to be “Melee”, “Ranged”, and “Magic”.  Also, there are “Specialist” Units which fulfill very particular roles over the course of a battle.  Also, there are particular sub-classes to each of the main class types.

I will go into further detail concerning the classes below.

Melee units are characterized by their high attack and defense, and specialize in close combat. They also have the ability to Guard, which negates all damage up to a certain point. Melee units have low magic defense, so caution is recommended when facing enemy Magic units.

Fighter – A well-rounded unit that is capable of defending allies and cutting their way into the heart of an enemy’s formation.  A Fighter’s various skills make him a welcome addition to any battle situation.

Lancer – A spear-wielding unit that uses deadly reach to inflict massive damage to enemies on the back lines.  Encased in steel armor, Lancers have high defenses but are lacking in mobility.

Noble – A unit that uses a sword to unleash consecutive strikes against the enemy.  Their offensive skills allow them to attack whole groups of enemies.  However, a Noble forgoes the use of a shield in exchange for increased combat potential, so situational awareness is especially important to her.

Blacksmith – A unit that wields a massive greathammer.  Against formations that contain many objects, the Blacksmith’s true potential is unleashed when she “brings down teh hammer” to demolish enemy objects and weaponry.

Rogue – A unit capable of cloaking herself to infiltrate enemy formations unseen.  With her powerful skills and high mobility, a Rogue can take out Ranged units in one hit.  However, due to her low defenses, she must wait patiently for an opportune moment to strike.

Ranged units can attack from anywhere on the battlefield. With their extended attack range, they can disrupt enemies at the back of the formation who are charging magical attacks. However, Ranged units have low defense, so it’s important to position them such that can’t be dragged into close combat.

Hunter – An ace sniper that can hit faraway targets with uncanny precision.  Whether raining down arrows on the battlefield or defending against magical enchantments, the Hunter has no shortage of tricks up the sleeves of his signature trenchcoat.

Gunner – A unit that uses a gun to attack enemies lined up in a row.  Different bullets can make his attacks produce different effects.  But in Resonail, guns are rare and ammunition is even rare, so it’s important that the gunner makes every shot count.

Magic units have medium attack range, and use ranged attacks that can affect multiple enemies. Some of their more powerful skills must be charged before they can be used, leaving them vulnerable to disruption from an enemy’s ranged attack.

Witch – A unit that wields powerful magic that can affect a wide area.  The Witch has many skills she can use to attack multiple enemies, but she must be careful not to accidentally hit her allies too.

Shaman – A unit that draws upon her life force to cast spells.  The Shaman can potentially be a boon to enemies and a bane to her allies, as the detrimental effects of her curses do not distinguish between friend or foe.

Arcanist – A unit whose magical conjurations strike enemies with stunning accuracy.  The Arcanist can also create magical zones that affect the entire battlefield, making him adept at support as well as offense.

Specialist units don’t quite fit into any of the other three roles in battle. These units have individualized abilities that can be a great asset in battle, but their specialized nature affords little room for flexibility

Medic – A unit that uses vials and flasks to treat injuries and negative ailments.  The Medic even has vials filled with acid and poison she can use to defend herself.

Challenger – A unit that throws and places explosive barrels to scatter enemies to the wind.  The Challenger’s chivalrous spirit makes him go after enemies with reckless abandon.  But more often than not, he ends up blowing himself up in the process.

Dragon Mage – The Dragon Mage is a versatile unit that can switch between using long-range magic attacks, and entering the fray on her dragon mount to unleash fearsome melee attacks.  In exchange for the power she brings, the Dragon Mage is the only unit who occupies two spaces in a formation instead of one.

These are the wide array of classes available for “Grand Kingdom“.  For even more information about the classes and to get more knowledge about the sub-classes, please visit the official website.

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