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Been a good, long while but I am finally back!  This update will talk about why my hiatus was so long, the reason I am back, and my plans for the site now that I am back!  I am happy and excited for this new future I am about to embrace at!  Go ahead and hit the jump and check out what you can look forward to in the very near future!

[   Past, Present, and Future   ]

One of the major things that really impacted me being gone was the fact that, while I was making progress, I was not making it as fast as I would like to.  I was pumping out articles here and there, putting up a trailer or a video here or there, but I was really limited by the one resource I desperately needed more of…internet.  To put it in a nutshell, I simply did not have enough download speed to comfortable watch anime in the best quality consistently (1080p) or download games/trailers in reasonable amounts of time…but this was not the biggest issue I had.  My main problem was having less than 1 Mbps for upload speed which made getting everything I needed to get onto the blog (large picture files) or onto YouTube a complete pain.  When E3 came around and I still had not upgraded to sufficient internet, I simply gave up trying to get out all the information I had because it was a complete pain and I was constantly behind everything.  However, that has all changed sometime in August.

In August, I actually upgraded my internet by switching from AT&T U-Verse to Time Warner Cable’s internet.  I had the max speed available in my area for AT&T U-Verse, which was 15 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed, this was not sufficient for what I needed it for.  Switching over to Time Warner Cable, I now have a 200 Mbps download speed and a 20 Mbps upload since the “Maxx” upgrade is in my area.  Better.  And even though because of some problem I’m only getting half of my download speed (100 Mbps) on my computer, I am getting my full download speed on my Xbox One, and I am getting my full upload speed everywhere.

In the future for, you can fully expect me to be pushing out articles just like I have before, but expect me to be more busy uploading gaming videos and trailers to my youtube account.  This will significantly increase my activity.  Not to mention I will also be able to stream to, which will directly accompany me in helping the gaming aspect of my site out.  Also, this means I can upload videos in the best quality when I begin to and edit my own anime reviews (More than likely with my beautiful friend Bianca sometime in the future).
I also want to thank this time to thank everyone who has supported me (Especially Makoto Cosby) in the time of my hiatus.  You are all important to me and I am glad you all held on for this long!  Now matter what, no matter how, I am ready for the future now!

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