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Something that has been bothering me is the way that I have been running my site here, mainly in the way that I am handling articles and the way I prioritize what is going to be posted and when.  Allow me to elaborate.
You see, sometimes I get a lot of content that is flooded from a singular topic, either it will be gaming, anime, or manga.  I become worrisome that my site is going to drift too much into one direction so that when I ask for review materials or someone comes to view my it, they will think that it is not balanced and some interest might be lost.  This is a bad way of thinking.  
This announcement is going to detail how I handle content for in the upcoming future.

  Selecting Content  
One of the major contributors to my stress when it comes to maintaining this site is selecting which content I should post.  Being a gamer and an otaku, I cannot help but feel more inclined to games that focus around anime-like appearances; such as Japanese Role-Playing Games (Like Battle Princess of Arcadias ), Fighting Games of Japanese origin (Like Ultra Street Fighter IV), or even Puzzle/Rhythm Games (Like Magical Beat).  However, I do still have a fondness for other games that come from elsewhere outside of Japan, however those games suit my particular taste only and I even tried to expand upon popular things (Such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare).  So, I have made a decision based on all of this.
Coming up into the future, I am only going to select content that I like.  This site is dedicated to my loves and my ambitions and I need to make sure that it stays relevant to my interests.  In a way, not doing something that I feel suits my personal tastes and doing it only for “Views” or “Opportunities” makes me feel like a sellout, and I hate that.  So, coming into the future, I am only going to post content that I enjoy posting, and anyone who does not like that does have a variety of other media readily able to deliver content to them.
  Posted Content  
The most important thing I am going to remember when posting content in the future, is that I need not to worry whether-or-not I post too much of one particular subject within a given time frame.  The problem was that I normally got an influx of manga, anime, gaming, whatever it may be, and I got entirely too concerned about content being released that was not “balanced”.  By not having a balance, I was afraid that readers, potential advertisers, whatever it may be could deem my site unsuitable for their needs and turn elsewhere.  Then again, I also forget that I do have tabs on this site to separate content within particular categories, that is always something I need to keep in mind.
Something else I need to be aware of is that I do not need to be held back by my thinking of, “I do not want to overload my readers by giving too much content”.  Basically, I have had friends say that I, “Go in a little bit too much for them”, at times, I am often expressed that my articles are entirely too lengthy.  Honestly, I cannot help it, I get very passionate when I am writing and I often forget that others are just looking for a condensed read, thus I end up scaling back what I am writing and trying to make it more compact.  Sure, I think this has improved me describing things because I have be more direct, but there is nothing wrong with me going to great lengths to prove a point, thus I will continue detailing things I want and writing in a way that gives me absolute freedom.
Upcoming into the future I am going to make sure I release content as I get it and do not worry about if I am overloading a particular category, if I happen to get more news or more content regarding a particular topic, I will release it if it is relevant to my site.  Again, those categories happen to include anything that is related to gaming, anime, and manga.  
Coming up into the future I want to produce an archive for my articles in order to allow people to easily see what I have posted over the pasts months.  This is mainly because I have not yet found a way for numbered page navigation and it will be significantly easier to provide a way to look back on all of the articles I have did within a given month than having to flip back through the “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts” section.  I still have not finalized on how I want to do this, but I got several ideas which i will do my best to implement over the next couple of months.  I think everyone will appreciate this feature once it launches.
Another thing about archives is that I am going to have other sections for Gaming and Anime/Manga Reviews specifically.  Basically, if you do not want to look through the site archive to find a particular Gaming, Anime, or Manga Review or use the search function to see if I ever reviewed it at all, I will make a section to accommodate that.  

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