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PHANTOM BREAKER: BATTLE GROUNDS Available for Playstation Vita

by | August 13th, 2014 |

PHANTOM BREAKER: BATTLE GROUNDS is a side scroller beat em’ up that is based off of the fighting game “Phantom Breaker“.  This game originally released last year in 2013 for the Xbox Box Live Arcade exclusively.  Playstation fans will now be able to enjoy the game through their Playstation Vita portable gaming system.  I know […]


by | March 21st, 2013 |

Phantom Breaker ファントムブレイカー was one of the games that I was personally looking forward to, but the release was cancelled in North America.  However, it would appear that a side-scroller “Beat em’ up” game by the name “PHANTOM BREAKER: BATTLE GROUNDS -Cocoa’s Nightmare Attack-” was going to debut in its stead as a spin-off of […]