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My Disappointment with Killer Instinct for the Xbox One

by | November 25th, 2015 |

K iller Instinct is one of my favorite fighting game series of all-time.  I use to play Killer Instinct Gold for the Nintendo 64 all the time when I was younger, however, the fact that we had not seen a new iteration into the series after so many years left me disappointed and with little […]

Hisako is my Hope to Fall Back in Love with Killer Instinct

by | March 29th, 2015 |

Killer Instinct is the main reason that I bought an Xbox One, plain and simple.  I really could not wait to play the next iteration of my favorite fighting game series of all-time, it felt like a dream.  I remember desperately waiting for another game after Killer Instinct 2, but years passed me by without even […]

Playstation 4, The Next Gen Console Choice for Fighting Game Lovers?

by | December 6th, 2013 |

This generation of home consoles has seen fighting game releases on ever major system, including Triple A titles on both Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 3 alike (Marvel vs Capcom 3, TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2, Street Fighter IV, etc.).  However, as we begin our descent into the next generation of consoles (Mainly Microsoft’s Xbox […]