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【DBFZ】Android 21 [Lab Coat] Announced & What That Could Mean

We were greeted by a surprise when Android 21 [Lab Coat] was revealed as the newest character addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ via DLC. While we only got a teaser trailer, this means a ton of things to be excited for concerning the game.

 Android 21 [Lab Coat] 


The addition of a new character to Dragon Ball FighterZ means that they are going to have to balance them; which means that upon her release we may get some character tweaks from the current meta based on player opinions. Right now France is possibly the best region for the game, meaning I am sure developers are looking at them for possible buffs/nerfs depending on their feelings (looking at you Vegito). Also, even after Android 21[Lab Coat] is released, we would have to see another balance patch to adjust her should she be too strong/weak. As far as the future of Dragon Ball FighterZ as a whole, there are two possibilities.

The first possibility is that Android 21 [Lab Coat] is an additional character simply to have something to look forward to; they announced another championship season (which we are currently in), and have some events. This is good for those who love the game, but getting something out of it for everyone is fair. Android 21 [Lab Coat] would have been chosen because they already have her model due to the game’s story mode and was looking for a reason to do it; this would be more cost effective then building a new model.

The next is that we did not receive the full trailer for Android 21 [Lab Coat] is because she’s going to be accompanied by the silhouette of a few other fighters as they announce the official start of DLC Season 4 for Dragon Ball FighterZ. This means a couple of things; more tournaments, more balance changes, and another year of support for the game we all love. Also, if everything goes well and enough interest is still had by the community, I believe the continued support can see Rollback netcode added if Dragon Ball FighterZ shows Bandai Namco that it’s still profitable.

All-in-all, it’s excellent to see that Dragon Ball FighterZ is still alive and kicking. Right as we thought this game was close to being dead, we received a drastic balance patch and system mechanics update/overhaul, a new season of events, and now with Android 21 [Lab Coat] being a new DLC character after we assumed Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta would be the last (based on his character placement and unique selectable icon). Cannot wait to see what’s in store for one of my favorite fighting games of all time!

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