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【KOFXV】Ramón Character Trailer

For those of you who do not know, we have gotten another announcement from The King of Fighters XV.  We are greeted with Ramón, who is a member of team Mexico.  I am excited for this inclusion, mostly because that greatly increases the chance that Angel will be joining.  Despite that, I have always found him to be a high energy character who is exciting to watch in the hands of the right player.



To be honest, Ramón looks to be pretty much the same from his previous iteration; I sure they changed some things, but I cannot readily point them out.  Like everyone else, his look is an improvement over the graphics in KOF XIV. The only thing I do not like is his NEO MAX.  I really wish they actually changed it, but it appears that’s not going to be the case.  That’s fine though, he’s a character I’m always happy to see but not someone I’m personally ever going to play.

When’s Angel?

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