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【KOFXV】Blue Mary Character Trailer

The King of Fighters XV has given us the 21st character trailer, this one is featuring Blue Mary. If you remember The King of Fighters XIV, Blue Mary was a DLC character rather than part of the base roster. Considering that she is part of the starting line-up this time around, I’m extremely excited since she was also someone I enjoyed in KOF over the years.



The first thing I notice, like I have with the overwhelming majority of KOF XV trailers, is that Blue Mary looks so much better than her KOF XIV counterpart. She looks dynamic, and I really believe that the graphics for this game are getting better-and-better with every single trailer that they release (and I wish I could say the same about the game’s particle effects).

I absolutely adore Blue Mary because I love character’s that have grappling-style moves without actually being full on grapplers (think characters like Laura from Street Fighter V, Makoto from Street Fighter III, or even Julia Chang from TEKKEN). I am just a fan of wrestling moves without the character themselves being primarily focused on grappling, just having it as an additional threat or making combos look flashier by adding in something unexpected.

I have no idea what team she could be apart of, but something tells me that she may be a member of “Women’s Team” along with Mai Shiranui and Yuri. I say this because Yuri does not have a team and King is apart of Team Art of Fighting. Should be interesting.

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