The King of Fighters XV has given us the 21st character trailer, this one is featuring Blue Mary. If you remember The King of Fighters XIV, Blue Mary was a DLC character rather than part of the base roster. Considering that she is part of the starting line-up this time around, I’m extremely excited since she was also someone I enjoyed in KOF over the years.



The first thing I notice, like I have with the overwhelming majority of KOF XV trailers, is that Blue Mary looks so much better than her KOF XIV counterpart. She looks dynamic, and I really believe that the graphics for this game are getting better-and-better with every single trailer that they release (and I wish I could say the same about the game’s particle effects).

I absolutely adore Blue Mary because I love character’s that have grappling-style moves without actually being full on grapplers (think characters like Laura from Street Fighter V, Makoto from Street Fighter III, or even Julia Chang from TEKKEN). I am just a fan of wrestling moves without the character themselves being primarily focused on grappling, just having it as an additional threat or making combos look flashier by adding in something unexpected.

I have no idea what team she could be apart of, but something tells me that she may be a member of “Women’s Team” along with Mai Shiranui and Yuri. I say this because Yuri does not have a team and King is apart of Team Art of Fighting. Should be interesting.