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Destiny 2 — “Rally the Troops” Reveal Trailer Impressions

With the “Last Call” teaser trailer coming out earlier this week, Bungie promised a full reveal trailer for the second iteration within their new famed series “Destiny”.  With them keeping good on their promise, the “Rally the Troops” worldwide reveal trailer released earlier today for guardians around the globe to see. 
You will see my thoughts on this trailer and why I thought it was a disappointing “reveal” that may spell bad things to come for Destiny 2.

  “Rally the Troops” Reveal Trailer Impressions 

When I think of a “reveal” trailer, I am thinking of a small sampling of everything that the game has to offer; gameplay, story, and characters.  However, what Bungie did with Destiny 2 is essentially split up the “Last Call” teaser trailer into two parts, at least that is what it feels like.  While we do understand that the attack was carried out by someone named “Ghaul” and that we have to bring together those who remain to take back the city, we still did not get a peek at anything that would make us get excited (namely gameplay)..
While we understand that The Tower was under attack from the first image for Destiny 2 we seen and the teaser trailer, they expanded a bit more upon it but not enough to where it feels like it should not have been in the first teaser.  We also already knew that all of our stuff would be gone and we would have to start over based on the information that Bungie gave its player base before the second game was officially “revealed”.
Cayde-6 and Commander Zavala giving speeches, one serious and steadfast while the other is more comical and light-hearted supposedly fit the opposing styles of guardians who play Destiny.  However, we barely seen any interaction from Ikora Rey, who should have been one of the main speakers as she is also a member of the Vanguard (not to mention she is the only human).  While I am in complete understanding about what they are trying to display here, this should not be something so…comical.  The last bastion of the Traveler’s light is destroyed, Guardians are fighting for the only home they have left, and the Cabal are making a push to eradicate whatever is left of humanity.  This is no time to simply be playing around and displaying humor.  A serious, darker tone should have been more appropriate; something that showed a more story-driven experience that encompasses and further elaborates on events that happened within the first game while introducing a greater threat within this one.
I guess what annoys more about this more than anything else is Bungie’s definition of what a “reveal” trailer is, and how this will probably again move itself over to their other endeavors.  They say one thing and everyone has a good idea what that SHOULD mean, only for them to change things up and give you something entirely different than the understanding everyone else has.  While I am sure they will probably release more trailers to further clarify, this does not do it for me.  I wanted something more grandiose and spectacular from a game I have played for the last three years; especially since Bungie lied about their 10-year plan and I am basically starting all the way over from scratch. 

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