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T5T: Characters I Want to See in Street Fighter V

With Street Fighter V was announced this year and we have already seen trailers of Ryu, Chun-Li, and the latest of Charlie Nash.  Bison was teased as returning, but we do not really have any knowledge of characters beyond this.  While I did hear that Street Fighter V is possibly taking place after Street Fighter III‘s story, that does not mean that characters included within that game are necessarily making a return.  This article is going to be about the characters whom I would want to see in the next iteration of Capcom’s legendary fighting game series.

  Top 5 Characters  

Characters mean so much to me, but especially when it comes down to fighting games.  Who I am going to play is typically decided before the game even formally releases, be it world-wide or country exclusive.  If at least one character does not interest me enough to actually want to learn to main them, I will typically not go to lengths in order to actually learn the game, hell, I might not actually buy the game to begin with.  A good example of this is when Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- released for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, consoles which I do not own, and I did not go out and buy one of either even though I had the money because they lacked characters I wanted to play (A.B.A., Dizzy, or Jam).  You can judge this as the reason why getting characters I want in a game, especially a fighting game, is extremely important.

  #5 – Yun  

Yun has been in Street Fighter III as well as Street Fighter IV, though I never really used him in either game because he was considered “Top Tier” at one point or another, making him less desirable to play to me due to his over popularity.  I have always liked his design and his fighting style, but I never have really gotten the chance to sink my teeth into him and learn the character.
If Yun does have a chance to come back into Street Fighter V, I would take it upon myself to learn him inside and out.  Even if Yun does not end up as my main character I will make sure to use him regardless of his ranking on the tier lists.  It is really time for me to stop focusing on how much people use a character and just use them because I like them, that should be all that really matters in the end anyway.

  #4 – Juri Han  

A newcomer to the Street Fighter series with her debut in Super Street Fighter IV, Juri has earned a special place within my heart with her psycho ambitions and crazy sexy personality.  I am interested to know if she will have anything to due with the story in Street Fighter V since she does not hold any particular alliance and is more-or-less her own boss who does things for personal satisfaction.

I have always thought this character was pretty cool and wanted to use her, but I typically do not use the main characters of the people I am friends with to avoid stepping on their toes if I happen to play the character better than they do.  Since my friend Dyna used Juri in both Super Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X TEKKEN, I avoided using her.  This time around I will learn Juri enough to make her a viable threat or reliable counter pick if she is fortunate enough to make it into the game.

  #3 – Makoto  

Makoto was first introduced during the Street Fighter III series and was eventually a character added on in the Street Fighter IV series.  She is a young tomboy who practices karate and wishes to restore her father’s dojo by earning money from student practitioners.  However, because she is so young she needs to prove she is a Master of Rendokan Karate to be taken serious and get students… or so she thinks.

Makoto was my main during Super Street Fighter IV  and Ultra Street Fighter IV.  She was the only character I believe who does not have a fireball without a move that evades or goes goes through fireballs.  She is powerful close range and has a scary close-range command grab.  I want her in because her fighting style feels incredibly good to use.  While Makoto can be frustrating and hard to win with, she is the most satisfying character to win with in the entire game to me.

  #2 – Maki Genryusai  

Maki is a relative of Guy, she uses Tonfas and has a pretty straight-forward attitude.  She is also the ex-leader of a motorcycle gang, pretty impressive since you do not see many women given a renegade role like that (Even though they censored it out in the English version of the game, go figure).

Maki is a character that I want simply because she looks cool, there is not really another reason besides that.   I really do not know her fighting style, but I am sure that it will be cool since they changed up Charlie Nash’s in the most recent trailer for Street Fighter V.  The last game I remember seeing Maki in was Capcom vs SNK 2, so I think she is due for her place in the game.  Unfortunately I did not play her there because I was too focused on Hibiki and Rock, but this time I would have an opportunity to really get to know her personally.  Besides, we need another female ninja outside of Ibuki.

  #1 – Cammy White  

Cammy White needs no introduction, she is the former right-hand of Bison going by “Killer Bee”, performing his assassinations and whatever else he tasked of her.  Now she is a Delta Red member who carries out elite missions tasked to her by the British special forces.

Cammy has been my main in every game she has appeared in, from Street Fighter II: The New Challengers to Street Fighter IV.  I was even complaining hardcore that if she had been in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 that my team would have been absolutely perfect.

Cammy is who I really want to main in Street Fighter V as I found myself not using her as much in Super Street Fighter IV or Ultra Street Fighter IV because of her popularity after being ranked top tier.  This time around I will play her regardless of where she ends up.

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