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T5T: Things Xbox One Still Needs

Top 5 Tuesdays is an article series that focuses on my “top five” anything on a given subject of my choosing that pertains to either gaming, anime, or manga.
Xbox 360 was my favorite gaming platform of all-time due to the memories that I had with it.  However, Xbox One is here and is soon to take its place.  We are past the 6 month mark and continue to have monthly updates, however I feel that the X1 still has quite the ways to go.  Here are the Top 5 things I think that the newest all-in-one entertainment system from Microsoft still needs.

  #5 – Previous Applications (Apps)  
While we have a good amount of applications already for the Xbox One, we are still missing some applications that would really make it for a better experience that was previously on the Xbox 360 (Such as Crunchyroll).  I know that Microsoft will eventually bring these features and applications over once enough demand is met, but there is no reason that they should not have made the host of services already present on the 360 ready from day 1.  Just my two cents.
  #4 – Xbox Live Arcade Game Demos  
Why is it that I can download and play the demo for Super Time Force on Xbox 360, but when I want to see if there are any changes for the XBLA version on the Xbox One a demo is unavailable to download and play?  This is a feature I really love and think they need to bring back.  Sure, a lot of the retail games did not have demos available to play, but we always had that option with Xbox Live Indie Games and Xbox Live Arcade Games, bring them back!
  #3 – Voice Messages  
Even though I find that text messages are a bit more convenient at times, I do love quirky messages from my friends left for me whenever I turn on my Xbox.  Also, if you need to shoot messages to friends between waiting times for games to load, it is vastly easier to do so through a voice message than to type it out (Especially since the Xbox One does not have a chat pad readily available yet).  No idea why they would not make sure this was included at the very beginning.
  #2 – Backwards Compatibility  
The infrastructure of the online is different than that of Xbox 360 so it is seemingly impossible for them to currently allow users to play their 360 games on the platform and use internet.  However, it might be possible through emulation for them to run 360 games (Maybe even digital downloads) on the One without having the necessity to go through online mode.  It would be good if they could bring Deals with Gold to the Xbox One where we could download Xbox 360 single player titles and have them to play.
  #1 – Profiles  
The Recent Player’s list is fine and all, but why would I invite someone I know absolutely nothing about?  Players rarely ever talk in game chat anymore, especially since most games do not require it (Unlike Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which forces players into game chat to communicate).  It would be good to have it where you could tell who someone is, if they have similar interests, or just an interesting person.  How can gaming be social if we know nothing about those who we view as our teammates and opponents?  At least give everyone a chance to describe themselves!

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