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My Top 7 Games for Evolution 2018

by | November 28th, 2017 |

Evolution is the largest and most prestigious fighting game tournament in the world.  People from many different countries travel to Las Vegas, Nevada every single year in order to put their skills against the very best in the world… to be crowned the very best in the world! Mr. Wizard is the person who organizes […]

PS4 | School Girl/Zombie Hunter Review

by | November 24th, 2017 |

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”3.0.106″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.0.106″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.106″ background_layout=”light”] I open up my business e-mail one day and I receive a review code for a game I had actually never heard of, “School Girl/Zombie Hunter“.  I always like to do my best to review whatever I am entrusted with, so I decide to go ahead and boot […]

Puzzle Fighter | Out for iPhone, iPad, and Android Free this Week

by | November 20th, 2017 |

Most people can remember Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo that released in 1996 that later released on various platforms over the years.  Well, CAPCOM dropped quite a bomb today saying that the sequel, Puzzle Fighter, will be free later this week for iPhone, iPad, and Android. I have the official press release, screenshots, and trailer for […]

Ultra Instinct | Thoughts on Goku’s New Power

by | November 19th, 2017 |

It is very common within the Dragon Ball franchise for its leading man, Son Goku, to rise to any new challenge that seems insurmountable at his current level.  Though he grows strong through sheer determination and training, often he receives a boon in the way of a new transformation that multiplies his power.  It was “Super […]

Tokyo Tattoo Girls | Out now for North America and Steam

by | November 17th, 2017 |

Tokyo Tattoo Girls has been released in North America (Playstation Vita) as well as globally on Steam.  Below for you I have the launch trailer, as well as the press release and screenshots for anyone interested.  Launch Trailer   Press Release  We are happy to announce that Tokyo Tattoo Girls for the PlayStation®Vita is now available […]

SP Baby | Brand New Shoujo Manga Series

by | November 16th, 2017 |

VIZ Media is releasing a new manga series known as “SP Baby“.  Below I have included the full press release so that you guys can get all the information first! Press Release  VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), a premier company in the fields of publishing, animation distribution, and global entertainment licensing, delivers a fun mix of […]

Perfect Historia: Perfect Chronology Trailer and Press Release

by | November 14th, 2017 |

Get ready to unlock the mystical powers of the White Chronicle and save Alistel once again because Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is arriving to the Americas on Feb. 13 and Europe on Feb. 16! For those of you who missed out, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is an expanded port of the beloved classic that contains […]

November 2017 Website Update

by | November 14th, 2017 |

It has been quite sometime since I updated this website; in fact, the last time that I actually posted something to was when I made another site announcement way back in late June of this year! It covered about why I had not been posting that much, about my “writer’s anxiety” and a few […]