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RNTS-17-BBCTB Tournament Results

Thursday, July 11th marked the 17th tournament for THE REAPER NIGHTMARE TOURNAMENT SERIES | 死神の悪夢トーナメントシリーズ and the featured game was BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle!  12 competitors fought it out to see who would come out on top!

Many amazing moments happened within this tournament, everything ran smoothly, and white hot battles were had as per the usual!  Check out the Top 8 matches, tournament results, and the match highlights below!

 RNTS-17 Top 8 

 Time Stamps 
Match 1 0:00:05
Match 2 0:09:46
Match 3 0:21:16
Match 4 0:30:06
(Winner’s Finals)
Match 5

Match 6 0:56:45
(Loser’s Finals)
Match 7

(Grand Finals)
Match 8

 Tournament Results 

Champion TNS_Sandwich
2nd Place Noxe_GS
3rd Place Sonicfiend
4th Place Pheonix351
5th Place Shin_Zephyr
7th Place SkyterrorFX
9th Place Void_Dono
 Tournament Highlights 

  • The first match on stream, despite having a ton of lag, Noxe_GS took it 3-0 over newcomer 5ives.
  • Second match we saw was 3-0, this was done in overwhelming fashion with TNS_Sandwich team of Ruby/Carmine brutalizing KuroShinryu’s team of Linne/Nine the Phantom.
  • First match of Top 8 showed a upset with newcomer Noxe_GS putting RNTS champion TNS_Sandwich into the Loser’s bracket in a stunning 3-1 victory.
  • KuroShinryu and TNS_Sandwich’s match in Top 8 had a great match 2 with Kuro showing some real life, despite Sandwich taking the match and eventually the set.
  • Amazing match between SonicField (KekeWriter) and Noxe_GS.  Came down to the last game, down to the final hits and we seen Sonic’s nerve crack as he threw out a YOLO DP with Ragna to die by Noxe’s Gordeau.  Overall, amazing Winner’s Finals match and the best match up to that point in the tournament.
  •  Loser’s semi-finals to me was crazy, I did not expect Pheonix to lose 3-0 to TNS_Sandwich.  As usual, Pheonixion had a very good showing but could not clutch it out, hopefully we see better things from him in the future!
  • TNS_Sandwich had a great run in Grand Finals, becoming the first person ever in the history of RNTS (All 17 Tournaments) to win from the Loser’s bracket.  No one has ever did it, and a few have gotten close, but he is the first one to achieve this feat, so props to him!

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