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GranBlue Fantasy Versus — Reveal Trailer Impressions

Originally I had heard of Granblue Fantasy due to lots of art popping up, not to mention browsing around and running into fanart of their characters on places like deviantART or Pixiv.  Later on I found out it was actually a mobile game, and I did not think too much about it after that.  While the game might have been big, and Cygames has created other games like Shadowverse, Mobile Games have never really been a thing for me so I did not give it too much thought.

Now, out of nowhere,  you now have a fighting game trailer popping up called Granblue Fantasy Versus and is being made by renowned developer Arc System Works.  Well played Cygames, now you have my attention.




  IMPRESSIONS  — This game seems to be using the same type of visual style of making 3D models look like 2D art that Arc System works has used for the likes of Dragon Ball FighterZ and Guilty Gear Xrd, but it seems slightly different this time around.

The character design is absolutely great, which is something I always noticed about the Granblue Fantasy as a series.  However, seeing them in motion while fighting and really taking notice of their personalities (default hero archetype, the strong female, beast girl, etc) makes me wonder more about the series in general outside of the fighting game.  Also, the backgrounds are beautifully detailed (as could be expected from Arc System Works) and the music (despite not being done by Daisuke Ishiwatari) is phenomenal (never heard of Stella Magna before).

The game seems to feature intricate super move sequences, detailed backgrounds, and elaborate character intros.  The beautiful art style is slightly different from the other fighting games Arc System Works have created this generation, and it gives a real live-manga style feel for it.  The fighting seems phenomenal from the onset, but that is my only concern when it actually comes to this game from what I have gathered with the information we have seen thus far.

An interview came out about Granblue Fantasy Versus, and it shows that this game will have one-button special moves and will probably be the most toned down Arc System Works fighting game (execution wise), even more so than BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.  Cygames and Arc have both agreed that people who will come over to play this game will probably be fans of the Mobile version, so therefore they want to make it as accessible as possible and have it play more akin to Street Fighter II rather than an “anime-style” fighting game with intricate combo systems (like the BlazBlue or Guilty Gear series) .  I believe that execution is another barrier of entry for fighting games, but I also feel like it is also something that adds another level of complexity (especially in high-stress situations).

My overall impression is that this is a game I am definitely waiting for, just hoping that the low execution of barrier entry and a small western fanbase does not mean an early death if this game is good.

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