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“Heavensward” Expansion Announced for Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the Japanese MMO for PC, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4, is finally seeing its first highly anticipated expansion called “Heavensward’.  Inside you can catch more information about this exciting add on to the Final Fantasy XIV experience in the form of artwork, screenshots, press release, and a trailer of what is to come.


  Press Release  

With over 3,000 fans in attendance, SQUARE ENIX® unveiled the upcoming expansion to FINAL FANTASY® XIV at its inaugural Fan Festival event in Las Vegas this past weekend.
Titled “Heavensward,” the upcoming chapter of the popular online FINAL FANTASY title will chart a new course for players with an increased level cap, brand new adventures and challenges, and much more. The accompanying teaser trailer is available at
 More information on the game expansion will be shared during the London and Tokyo events, scheduled for October 25 and December 20 – 21, respectively. Fans can purchase the Las Vegas Premium live stream to view the archived footage of the event, see all the announcements and stage events, watch the concert finale and earn the in-game bonus item the Moogle Attire on Twitch at
 Fan Festival 2014 was the first major event of its kind for FINAL FANTASY XIV. This massive event was designed just for fans, with the intent of sharing new information on the future of the game, as well as amazing opportunities to play together in both in-game and live activities.



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