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Video Digest #2 (Oct.13th-Oct.19th 2011)

Video Digest are select gaming videos I have uploaded during the previous week.  From last Thursday up to today.
They will include the videos I’ve recorded and uploaded with commentary beneath them explaining detail-by-detail what I was doing in the video.

Be sure to check them all out and comment on the blog as well as on the actual videos and like them.  Subscribe to my YouTube.  Do not forget to tell which one is your favorite video down in the comment section!

-[ Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ]-

I’m getting back into Super Street Fighter IV, having not really played too much of it because I was getting more into Marvel vs Capcom 3 and now Gears of War 3, it was a welcome change from the usual pace.

The match began and I went for a jump in, but she countered and backed away, a good tactic that I was not expecting that threw me off guard just a moment.  Dyna is good with counters so I make sure I try to watch out for those.  Jumping over and hitting her with j.MP, I attempted to cross under her (0:16) to go for a Karakusa grab mix-up, but jumped instead from a botched input.

A few seconds later you will see me go for a cr.LP into a instant air Tsurugi (Axe Kick) to try and bait out a counter attack and punish with a counter attack.  I do this as a regular tactic so Dyna seems to have adapted to it and blocked instead. (0:19) I land a counter hit st. MP while she was trying to hit me from my missed Tsurugi, and I came in late with the Hayate (Dash Punch) and failed to cancel off of the counter hit.

She breaks my focus and hits me out of another st.MP, where as I realize I need to guard and go on the offensive so I am not surprised by pressure.  Jumping in with a HP, I expect it to block and immediately go back to my cr.LP into my instant air Tsurugi, and this time it connected (0:25) into a st.HP canceled into HP Hayate.  Normally, people try to grab or throw next so I do a cr.LK into LP Hayate, but she seemed to be expecting it and blocked.

Hitting with a focus attack, I soon land another st.HP into HP Hayate, and this time, since she blocked my last one, I attempt to grab her with a “Chibi Karakusa” and missed.  (0:32) I start focusing and realize she is in the air, running under her I sweep with cr.HP.  I go for a cross up with jumping MK but missed and grabbed her out of her EX Counter instead.  Immediately afterwards I feel she will be jumping after I do with MP, but she does not and I waste a EX Tsurugi for nothing.  After blocking a Senpusha (Pinwheel), a st.HP punish ends the round.

Round 2 turns into a disaster, I am beginning to be counter hit and beat out of everything that I do, and that is because of my own impatience.  I even find it funny (1:00) that I go for a command grab Karakusa and she goes for a regular grab at the same time.  The thing I find funniest (1:17) is my failed too early anti-air cr.MK that gets me punished with a combo; luckily Dyna missed the EX cancel finish.

At (1:20) I am begin hit out of everything by her st.MP and realize I’ve got to find something to get out of here.  She does her Fuhajin from a cr.MP and I decide it is time to create some space.  I planned on doing a nuetral jump HK to cr. LK and instant air Tsurugi, but she reacted to me jumping and was going to j.MP that and probably combo with a close st.HK into Senpusha.  After breaking a grab, I managed to connect with a counter hit Tsurugi, cr.MP, MP Hayate.  Not paying attention that my super meter was full, I could have easily have went inot Tanden Renki into Seichusan Godanzuki, but I went for mix-up (should have did Tsurugi, and that got me murdered).

The following round was full of mistakes.  (1:47) Me missing an instant air Tsurugi after a Lvl. 1 counter hit Focus Attack, or the missed HK Feint cross over at (2:42).  Dyna prematurely doing Juri’s Senpusha at (2:45) as well as me missing Makoto’s EX Hayate and instead doing EX Fukiage because of bad input.  At the end, it resulted in a Double KO, pretty epic, eh?

-[ Gears of War 3 ]-

This is a match I played with my friends (Trained By God, Savage Creed, Riot Trigger, and Cain Mayne).  So yeah, everyone in this game for the COG is running in a full party, which is very rare for me.

Well, I start off running to the Digger Launcher and shooting to deter anyone from coming, but I did not see anyone so I grab Incendiary Grenades instead.  Someone misses a point black Sawed-Off Shotgun shot and I miss with the Grenade and don’t even worry too much about them.  Being killed at (1:00) after chasing/evading a guy pissed me off a little bit but it was all good, respawning was in progress.

After coming back, I am being shot and rather than attempt to fight a losing battle I jump over and begin to run, trying to get away so I am not Mantle Kicked nor have to really deal with assault rifle fire.  Coming across an unfortunate victim he is gibbed (1:24).  The same person came after me and I was ready for them, killing them while they recovered from a roll but was unable to get a s hot off before I was killed.
I attempt to head back to the fight after respawning and present cover fire; but the person I planned to Lancer down (1:50) soon saved as someone attempts to chainsaw me and I automatically go into it.  While mashing on the B button I am met with Gnasher round and die before I can complete the duel.
Coming out of spawn now, I Lancer someone down who is not really paying too much attention. I begin to go at someone else I see, and begin to Lancer fire at a couple more people and only get assists.  Then out of nowhere I am Sawed-Off and again have to respawn, I seem to be dying very quickly.  Well, I see that I am going to probably need to play more of an assist role, I do not seem to be doing very well on the offensive front so I grab the Boltok pistol.  Going into the inner part, I switch to the Gnasher and put someone down because I have the Boltok and a meatshield is a great way to wield it.  (3:20) I notice someone shooting and in the window, not even caring that I am shooting them.  Their head is popped as they try to move and I see switching to the Boltok was a good move on my part…. until I am shot in the back and it negates the fact I hate a meatshield… I respawn, grab the Boltok again and die before I know what was going on.. great.

Losing that round, I start off with a vengeance, we are undefeated at this point and I do not want to lose.  Yet I die when I throw the ink at someone and they are not even stunned and I die by the Sawed-Off.. Hmm.  After respawning, I am running past the bathroom back to our side and tried to get the jump on someone with Mulcher.. did not work out too well and I died again.

Running back towards Mulcher I managed to avenge a friends death as well as assist a friend in killing another guy.  Not long after that I kill and down the guy who got Trained By God after I and then head back towards Sniper Rifle and Ink Grenade and see that they are both already gone.  I kill someone as I make my laps in a circle back around to the same spot and soon is saved by Trained By God getting a headshot on the guy closest to me (8:16) before I am downed and killed by a Retro Lancer.

We are now out of respawns and we do not want to lose, so we begin a road to a come back. I grab grenades and is unable to kill the single guy in front of me with them.  After downing him with some pop shots I take away one of their six respawns and set out to see what else I could do.  Next victim is an unsuspecting player who dies as he is throwing a Smoke Grenade, and the next victim was too busy shooting his Lancer to recognize me.  At (9:20) I am helping a team mate escape the valley of assault rifle bullet fire he is under, we need everyone alive and I’m a team player so it is worth it.

Coming around the corner, I see someone about to rush in with the Sawed-Off and I manage to kill them before they can kill em, so score right there (9:31).  Jumping over the edge back into the main area, I shoot someone who had the Lancer and was not expecting me to be there.  Someone misses me with the Sawed-Off Shotgun and I try to chase them and encounter someone else, I’m out of ammo and melee and completely forget that the dude in the back has the Sawed-Off and I die.  Well, I took out 5 of their 6 respawns and this is where Cain Mayne and Trained By God pull off the clutch win for us.  They were patient.

Nothing too interesting after that, but we do win.

-[ The Verdict ]-
Only had two videos this week because I was tired and too lazy to put the other one up.  However, good match with Dyna and a decent one with the clutch match on Gears of War 3.  However, I think you should check out the other video for Gears 3 I posted on my YouTube.  Subscribe!

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