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Gaming Journal #2 (Oct.14th – Oct.20th 2011)

This is the Gamer Log of RoK the Reaper. Basically, Gamer Logs are going to be weekly postings talking about how my adventures in gaming.  You can kind of think about it as a journal for all of my gaming activities, be it forums, conversations, or playing.

Updated every single Friday, you’ll encounter my thoughts and opinions; my love and hate for gaming and everything related to it.
Read, post a commen.  Also, do not forget to share your own experiences during this week and  to share post this on your social networking sites!

-[ Friday ]-

Started off the day playing a little Super Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Torque Bow Tag with RaS as I waited for the time to go to sleep from work.  I do not remember a lot of the matches we had, but we quickly switched from Super over to Marvel vs Capcom 3.  The matches we had were pretty good, Magneto does not work well on my team, as his Morrigan and team mates were proving too much for my team of Dante, Dormammu, and Magneto to handle.  However, I made a comeback with X-23/Dormammu/Dante which is my main team and actually managed to surpass him.  After he won a game (Eventually he switched to his team of Jill, Taskmaster, and… forgot who else) and tied it up we switched to Torque Bow Tag and were getting beat up pretty good.  Eventually he had to go however.

Then I began to play a little bit of Gears of War 3 with my friend Jimmy.  We did pretty good in matches (While, I did, he was constantly mad at how he was going negative)and we even went into a private match and began to train him on some things.  Teaching him some stuff like the “Bag n’ Tag” as well as that a smoke grenade tag will down you.  Well, after all of that I went to sleep to get ready for work.

While at work, around my lunch break (Close to Midnight), I seen on his FaceBook status talking about Eddie Gordo and Hworang from TEKKEN are cheap.  I call him up and laugh at him and tell him what he needs to do as far as side-stepping and countering sweep with diagonal-down-forward goes.  Some people at work where kind of laughing since I was talking about gaming, did not really care, I am a gaming fanatic.  I also got on MSN and talked to Dyna and she was telling me about Seasons Beatings and how I was missing it (One reason I hate working weekends, yet again, I miss all the good streaming for gaming tournaments).  Coming back a bit later, she told me that one guy surprisingly, wiped out the West Coast by himself in the West Coast vs East Coast Marvel vs Capcom 3 5v5.  And these people being beat included Filipino Champ, Justin Wong, Evolution 2011 MvC 3 Champion Viscant, and even Combofiend and Marn.  Insanity.  I hate I missed it, but I hope it is archived.

-[ Saturday ]-

I started off the day playing a little bit of Torque Bow Tag after I got home from work, and I was amazed how much better I was doing compared to how I was first doing when I played with Rasean.  The first game I had 16 Kills and 1 Death, if that was not beast enough; I soon went 31 Kills and 6 Deaths on Grid Lock and was quite mad I was not recording it for my Video Digest.  Also, I seen the new Gem System that will be in Street Fighter x TEKKEN and I am definitely skeptical about it.  I am thinking it will be disabled because no one will want to use it.  They should have left it alone with Pandora Mode.
Well, finishing that, I decide to see what else I could do.  Seeing that 1233 got online (One of Dyna’s best friends and a member of “UVC”) I decide to play some Super Street Fighter IV since he was in training mode.  Asking him if he wanted to play, he accepted and I made a room and invited Roxy in as well (I invited RaS but he was busy playing Forza so I did not want to bother him further).  We played a good little bit but I lost the majority of the matches and really did not seem to get my groove in, but something bothered me and I have to learn to shake it, but it is increasingly hard.

In Super Street Fighter IV, you do not really need to know combos or pull them off consistently to win.  You can win with spacing and just grabs and general “pokes”, while I’m more of a combo heavy person who rarely depends on poking to win, such as 1233 and Roxy.  Well, more elaborately: 1233 is more of a mix-up artist with Blanka and a poking person.  He has the ability to read what the opponent does very well as well as confuse you by constantly switching sides or staying just out of attacking range.  Roxy, on the other hand, plays off of the opponent’s eagerness to attack by remaining evasive and controlling space well with footsies and pokes to frustrate you.  These are both legitimate tactics and show their individual style as players, but I hate fighting against them yet I can admire their ability.   I just hate that you can win that way without knowing a lot of combos compared to games like Marvel and BlazBlue where you will undoubtedly lose without being able to pull off damaging combos consecutively as small hits amount to nothing in damage.  But it exposed my own weakness and so I will work to step up my game and I can thank them for that (I like to have a variety of players around so I do not get too comfortable and think my particular style is unbeatable).

Next, right as I exited the room and was about to get on, Brandon got on and I told him about Torque Bow Tag and my beast score from earlier.  Of course, being he loves the Torque Bow, he begins to discuss his skill and how they messed up by giving him a Torque Bow from the start.  We start off joining a quick match and are taken to Trenches where we are being spawn trapped, the team is stupid and we end up losing and mainly because our team does not realize there is a different way to go out of Trenches now to avoid that.  We go on Grid Lock and they are staying back, but me and Brandon both go positive despite our team actually losing out and going negative again.  But we joked, had good times, and I was telling him about how I needed to go to sleep.. kind of like now.

-[ Sunday ]-

Sunday, I started off wanting to play a little bit of Torque Bow Tag, and I did.  Was not doing as great as I was doing the previous day, but I lead my team and got MVP a bunch of times nonetheless.  However, I can say I am tired of people camping, but I have learned to adjust to it and found that most people who camp do not pay close attention to their surroundings (Unless they are packing something like a Turtle Beach or a Tritton).

Not long after that, Ray and Jerome got on and said that they were going to play for a little bit.  So, after leaving some of my friends I was playing Quick Team Death Match with, we played a little Horde.  Doing pretty good, we got Beserkers on wave 10 and a Lambent Bersker on wave 20.  After playing a little bit we decided to switch over to Beast mode and finished there.  Afterwards I had us go back into beast mode because I wanted to go ahead and earn my “Evil Incarnate” Title and the Onyx Medal for killing so many humans in Beast, finally got it.  Going back into horde, I turned on mutators; Flower Blood was funny as hell (Jerome and Ray’s reaction made it that way).  Also, let me say this: Sawed-Off Shotgun is crazy when Super Active Reload is on, killed an Armored Kantus in a single shot.  Eventually they had to go and so did I, needed to sleep anyway.

-[ Monday ]-

Started off playing a little BlazBlue: Continuum Shift with Darien and I remember him constantly complaining about losing to Tager, especially his 720 and 360 grab spam.  Well, I created the room for BlazBlue “Mdnght Carnival” (Reminiscent of “The Midnight Carnival” from Guilty Gear X2) and we played and eventually I fought against the spamming Tager that Darien had lost to.  I also lost, but because I was trying to explain things to Darien and do some silly stuff that had a 50/50 chance on working (didn’t work in my favor).  The guy (SIL3NT SNIP3R09) began to say that I suck and that we were “nooblets”.  Well, I joined the room he was in and he rage quitted against me, and then sent out a message saying that I was one of the people who rage quitted against him when he could barely even do anything to me but attempt to 720 and fail.

After playing a little bit of BlazBlue:CS with Darien in Ragna matches, I played a bit of Marvel vs Capcom 2 with my friend Chris and his friends.  It was awkward because I was so use to Marvel vs Capcom 3, but after a few matches it was as if I never stopped playing it.  Played this for a little while (Props to my boy Chris for hyping me up), I began to play a little bit of Gears of War 3.

Playing some, I eventually find RaS on and we ran a couple of matches of Quick Team Death Match (Both of us were doing terrible), and eventually got into our groove for a second before he had to go to work.   Afterwards, I began to play a little bit with IdoTattoos since Bankai (Henry) could not get his Gears 3 to work because of not being able to get past the loading screen, and I hate that.  We did so well with the Beta and he is someone I can always depend on.  I do hope that Epic finds a resolution to this problem very quickly.

I also went to EventHubs and checked out some videos from the recent Seasons Beating Velocity and they had some good matches up.  I also seen the match from Flocker, the dude who supposedly won the WC vs EC 5v5 solo and won Grand Finals.  I admit, the guy is pretty good but he did use Dark Phoenix and his Zero was very campy, he also had Tron’s “Gustaf Fire” as an invincible assist type.   I began to talk to Dyna about this and everything, and she was saying he played well and his defensive aspect is really a decoy from his actual skill and everything, I do not know.  But we again began to talk about the game and everything, particularly her skill and how she downs herself for absolutely no reason when she plays well.  I do wish she could see her skills in the way that I do.

-[ Wednesday ]-

I remember watching Wednesday Night Fights with Dyna and seeing some obvious things when it came to Marvel vs Capcom 3 in the way of scrubs and people who did not really know what they were doing, “Unknowns”.  However, people like Fanatic began to make me take a bigger interest.  Seems she has been more into streams and the game than I am lately.
Unfortunately I did not get to finish watching everything and eventually had to go to sleep.  Dyna told me on Thursday that Fanatiq won and I was a bit upset I did not get to see it as she said he was doing “MvC 2” combos.  Well, that is pretty cool, you live and you learn.
-[ Thursday ]-

Today I played a lot on Gears of War 3, did pretty well in the morning time and I finally managed to get my “God Complex” medal for 1200 revives (Grinding, haha).  Well, that was pretty hype and I also got to play some Super Street Fighter IV with Dyna; we did some good matches of Dudley vs Ibuki, Sakura vs Ibuki, Sakura vs Makoto, and Cammy vs Makoto.  My Dudley is getting a lot better but I can easily tell that my best person at the moment is Sakura Kasugano “The Eternal School Girl”.  Sakura is fast, has some good pokes, good EX moves, I love her combo and her japanese gym uniform with the bloomers as well as her lengthy, link heavy combos.  So beautiful.

Also today, I played some Bejeweled 3 because I contacted PopCap for a review code because I noticed it was out (Thanks to my good friend and fellow review Otaku Dante) and they graciously gave me two review codes so that I may partake in their current creation.  I was hype and still is because they obliged me and it shows that I was taking the first step within the right direction.  I also gave a review code to my friend, Chris Carter, who is a Bejeweled fanatic and could better aid me in saying what is different, what is lackluster, and what has stayed the same to help me give an accurate portrayal of the game I was playing.  With that, I did my best to make sure the review was good and I am hoping that this causes me to be able to do more games in the future.  I was even so happy I contacted DICE about getting a copy of Battlefield 3 for review, though, that is very slim to nearly impossible it was still worth a try while I was cooked up on adrenaline. also got me setup on what all I am suppose to do, including their conversation on Skype that is open 24/7 and shows that I am really a member of the team now.  It is a bit complicated and they use Word Press instead of Blogger (Blogspot) but I will learn in time.  I will just have to see when I am expected to start and I wonder if I will be able to consistently find something available within the anime/manga department that will be suitable.  I will do my best and review the materials as best as I possibly can in order to keep up with the deadlines as well as contribute here to my own site.  It is an opportunity I cannot take lightly and is likely another stepping stone in my pursuit towards the top.

SFX-360 also teamed up with “Beyond Gaming” in order to host “COGtoberfest” event on their live stream where it was a Free-For-All team event.  We played Execution and the two highest scores from either team (4v4 with a Beyond Gaming spectator on each team) would move on to a final round where 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place got some type of prize.  I made it to 3rd place in the first round and was unable to move on, but I did very well and will be uploading the video to YouTube later on, so look forward to that.

Afterwards, I was playing a bit of Gears of War 3 with Dyna, Rasean, Trained By God, Brandon, and Angela.  Truthfully, I am glad Angela could play because I was always kind of iffy where we stood after that argument and tonight it showed we were pretty good friends; same with Trained By God after he rage quitted after we lost a Quick Team Match Match.  We had some fun and were making inappropriate jokes but hey, it was all in good nature.  I finally unlocked MVP cole for getting 100 MVP awards, which was something I liked.  Pretty cool character but I’ll be sticking with Anthony Carmine for now and Bernadette Mataki when she is released on November 1st with the first load of DLC content for Gears of War 3.

All-in-All, I had fun tonight, including talking about BlazBlue:CS with one of my best friend’s, Darien.  I learned that I need to step up my Makoto game as I lost every Ranked Match I had tonight and I should have won because I seen the combos and the traps but could not react fast enough.  Dropped combos as well as having a lapse of what to do in a certain situation (Situational, impromptu combos) also made my opponents win because they capitalize on my mistakes and obvious lack of current knowledge.  I plan on trying to get back up-to-date before BlazBlue: Extend releases.

-[ The Verdict ]-
This week was pretty eventful except for the fact that I did not keep up with Tuesday or Wednesday’s logs pretty good, but I will begin to type here at least some everyday to make sure I keep things fully intact and do not lose information.
Thursday was my most fun day and the most eventful, but it is time for me to get ready for the next week and all the activities that are going to be planned for me!
I thank you for reading and encourage you to give your account of your gaming experiences during the week.  Until then, see you next week!

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