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One Punch Man Season 2 | Episode 9 Impressions

This article uses information that may be considered a SPOILER. Please understand that reading beyond this point may cause you to learn about things you may not have known about if you are not knowledgeable on the topic. You have been warned.
 Episode Impressions 

Many fans of One Punch Man (including myself) were quite angry when we did not get episode 9 on time due to it having to delay its airing because of the 2019 French Open.  Now that it is back, I was anxious to dig myself into the goodness that was going to take place after its amazing 8th episode featuring the Martial Arts Tournament winner, Seiryu.  Long story short, this episode was woefully disappointing.

We understand, the series is named One Punch Man because the main character can kill most (if not everyone) in a single punch.  However, that does not mean we cannot see him exhibit him being overpowered or things being drawn out in order to present to us an amazing fight sequence or a sheer showing of how strong Saitama is; good examples are Saitama vs Boros and Saitama vs Carnage Kabuto from season 1.  The main problem I have been having with One Punch Man Season 2 is the lack of their fight animation quality when it comes to Saitama, even during episode 7 when we got to see him against Seiryu.

The fight between Saitama and Bakuzan, and even when he finished off Goketsu, they were lackluster at best.  We do not see dialogue between Saitama and the monsters which could be a beacon for what it means to be a hero, nor do not get to see him making them feel as weak and as helpless as they did when torturing Seiryu for protecting others and not eating a monster cell.  I would have liked to see more in the way of fighting, especially when the build up was done as crazy as this, very big let down.

The one saving grace about this episode is that apparently Sonic will be becoming a monster; though, seeing as a monster cell looks alive, cooking it might have nullified the effect and he will not actually transform (or maybe he will gain some powers but keep his humanity).  Seeing as Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is one of One Punch Man‘s mainstays for his sheer comedic humor and that any amount of training is negligent to Saitama, I do not think he will be put into a position to actually be killed by our protagonist.

Looking forward to the next episode, but hoping that when they are showing off how crazily overpowered Saitama is…they make it a bit more entertaining!

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