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Waifu Crush Wednesday – A.B.A.

by | September 14th, 2016 |

Waifu Crush Wednesday is modeled after the popular “#WCW” or “Women Crush Wednesday”. This bi-weekly editorial focuses upon female characters in gaming, anime, and manga that I happen to like in one form or another. I will do my best to explain my affinity for that particular character. An homunculus, in love with a living […]

PVC Scale Statues and Nendoroids Reviews are Incoming!

by | September 13th, 2016 |

Something that I have been wanting to do for for a very long time is give reviews for nendoroids and statues.  Until recently I have not had the resources to be able to afford to buy the material needed in order to give reviews (the statues themselves), I could also not request any assets […]

1st Episode Impressions – Momokuri

by | September 12th, 2016 |

1st Episode Impressions is an article series which focuses on the very first episode of any particular anime.  Mainly whether-or-not it is able to grasp my attention from the very beginning due to the way it introduces itself.  Also, it acts as a comparison point for my final review of that anime or season. Keeping […] – September 2016 Website Update

by | September 6th, 2016 |

This site has been getting a lot more active lately, however, it has not been active enough for my taste.  My goal is to make sure that I turn it up a notch and start getting back to some of the roots of  You can view everything after the jump, also a separate section […]