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CAPCOM brings back Classic Resident Evil for Consoles

by | August 5th, 2014 |

Capcom is once again going to be bringing back its classic “Resident Evil” (Biohazard “バイオハザード” in Japan) to consoles (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, and Playstation 4).  Everyone remembers when this game got remade for the Nintendo Gamecube back in 2002 (At least I do, I could not believe the GC had that much […]

Destiny Beta Review

by | July 31st, 2014 |

The Destiny Beta has come and gone, and in its wake it has left millions of more people hungry for when the full game debuts on September 9th (It already left millions wanting more after the Destiny Alpha which was exclusive for Playstation 4).  While not owning a Playstation 4 to be able to play […]

Marie Confirmed for Persona 4 Ultimax as Downloadable Content

by | July 31st, 2014 |

Marie, the Antisocial Poet of the Hollow Forest joins the roster of fighters in Persona 4 Ultimax as DLC.  She’s a deadly combatant with skills that control and immobilize opponents, and who knows what kind of game-changing items she can pull out of her purse. Her Persona Kaguya complements her abilities with ranged and stun […]

Fairy Fencer F Coming to North America and Europe in September

by | June 27th, 2014 |

Fairy Fencer F will be available for digital download as well as physical release for the PlayStation 3 in North America on September 23rd and will be available in Europe three days later on September 26th!  Fairy Fencer F is developed by COMPILE HEART and is a Turn-Based Japanese Role-Playing Game that features character art […]

Battle Princess of Arcadias Releases on PSN Today, Europe June 18th

by | June 18th, 2014 |

As if the Playstation 3 did not already have its hands full with a massive amount of awesome Japanese-style Role-Playing Games, seems that we now have yet another awesome title to add to its ranks.  Battle Princess of Arcadias is releasing today on Playstation Network for North America, and we will be seeing a European […]

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax New Screenshots, Pricing, and Information

by | May 17th, 2014 |

Sequel to the fighting game, “Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena” is the fighting game “Persona 4 Arena Ultimax” (Formely “Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold“) will be debuting on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in fall 2014 (This year).  It includes new characters, new balance changes, and a brand new storymode. This […]

Persona Asset Overload

by | February 26th, 2014 |

Atlus dropped a massive bomb on everyone with the revealing of FOUR brand spanking new Persona games heading over to North America over the course of 2014 and 2015.  Personally, I was pretty hype because it was COMPLETELY unexpected. The games we can expect are “Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth” for Nintendo 3DS, “Persona […]

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES is Now Downloadable in Europe

by | February 12th, 2014 |

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 FES is a Japanese Role-Playing Game that is now being released in Europe. Players are able to join in as a member of “S.E.E.S.” or the Gekkoukan High School’s Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad. This version of Persona 3 is enhanced, containing the full game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 as […]