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Destiny 2 — “Rally the Troops” Reveal Trailer Impressions

by | March 31st, 2017 |

With the “Last Call” teaser trailer coming out earlier this week, Bungie promised a full reveal trailer for the second iteration within their new famed series “Destiny”.  With them keeping good on their promise, the “Rally the Troops” worldwide reveal trailer released earlier today for guardians around the globe to see.  You will see my […]

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Technical Test 1 – A Disappointment

by | August 25th, 2016 |

When I first laid my eyes on Titanfall’s debut trailer, I was left with my mouth gaped in absolute awe.  I had wanted a game that embodied the true spirit of giant mech combat while not being limited to being exclusively inside one, like Armored Core.  I bought my Xbox One just to play Titanfall […]

ANIMA: GATE OF MEMORIES – Trailer, Screenshots, and Release Date

by | May 31st, 2016 |

ANIMA: GATE OF MEMORIES for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam (PC) has released an announcement trailer, screenshots, as well as an official release date!  For all of you who are interested in this Action Role-Playing Game (RPG), you should be sure to check out all information current available from the developers themselves! Go ahead and […]

OVERWATCH: How to play Mei

by | May 17th, 2016 |

With OVERWATCH fast approaching, I wanted share all the information I have found out during the beta.  I have a handful of characters (Mei, Reaper, Reinhardt, and Zarya) whom I want to share my strategies to success.  These should aid those who want to utilize these characters and give their teams the best shot at […]

OVERWATCH: Beta Impressions

by | May 12th, 2016 |

OVERWATCH is one of the many new endeavors by Blizzard Entertainment, creators of gems like HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft.  I first heard about OVERWATCH by its beautiful CGI trailer which introduced the first four heroes in a museum for “OVERWATCH” (which is a global defense force).  I was introduced to […]

T5T: Characters I Want for Street Fighter V

by | January 28th, 2015 |

Street Fighter V was announced not too long ago, much hype ensued from seeing Ryu and Chun-Li duke it out in the next iteration of the series.  However, with the excitement of a brand new entry into the iconic fighting game series, one also has to ask which veteran characters will make it in for […]

Super Street Fighter V Teaser Trailer and My Thoughts

by | December 5th, 2014 |

Today a bomb was dropped on the gaming community as CAPCOM officially announced Street Fighter V, which is the next iteration of the famed fighting game series.  However, the piece that shocked everyone was that it will be exclusive to only the Playstation 4 and the PC, leaving out those who favor the Xbox One. […]

Resident Evil’s Definitive Version Gets a 2015 Release Date

by | December 4th, 2014 |

The Resident Evil remake which got made for Nintendo’s Gamecube is getting a definitive HD version which will appear on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.  It finally has a release date for digital release in North America, which is January 20th for $19.99. Featured after the jump link are brand […]