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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

by | March 8th, 2013 |

Breaking out of the mold the Metal Gear Solid series had gotten accustomed to, it seemed that Hideo Kojima wanted to tell Raiden’s story in a different fashion.  Enlisting the help of well known “Hack n’ Slash” masterminds, Platinum Games, they embarked on a high action thrill which allows players to cut at will. Never […]

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Review

by | January 23rd, 2013 |

Never was a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series simply because I hated how slow pace it was and the emphasis on stealth.  However, from what I have witnessed in the trailers associated with Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance, it seems to me Raiden prefers a more hands on approach than Snake of […]