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Happy Wars XBLA Review

by | October 16th, 2012 |

Happy Wars is the first of its kind on Xbox Live, and by “First of its kind” I mean that it is a F2P (Free-to-Play) game with all the features you would expect from a paid Xbox Live Arcade title (And I am talking about a full release game, nothing like Dorito’s Crash Course here!). Happy Wars […]

NiGHTS into dreams… XBLA Review

by | October 3rd, 2012 |

With so many games getting re-releases in the form of HD remakes it was only a matter of time before we seen the revival of one of SEGA Saturn’s most memorable title, “NiGHTS into dreams…“. Your goal in this game is to take control of Claris, Elliot, and Nights in order to save Nightopia from […]

TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 Review

by | September 26th, 2012 |

Back in the Playstation 2 days, TEKKEN Tag Tournament was one of my favorite fighting games and was the best TEKKEN game EVER in my opinion.   Since the initial release of TEKKEN Tag Tournament  the series has gotten more sequels, more characters,  new game play mechanics, and now they are all put together in […]

Resident Evil 6: Public Demo Review

by | September 19th, 2012 |

Everyone knows that I am a fan of the old school Resident Evil games; specifically 1, 2, 3(Nemesis!), and Code Veronica.  I liked the cliche scenarios that those games offered. However, the new Resident Evil games, which actually not changing much in terms of game play, never thrilled me with their plot.  Though, I might […]

Manga Entertainment App for Xbox LIVE Review

by | May 16th, 2012 |

Manga Entertainment was founded by Andy Frain, which current headquarters rest in Los Angeles, California in the United States.  This company is more known for anime than manga, distributing it in various countries. An application just recently launched on Xbox Live which allows for the watching of anime in full length movies, clips, and episodes […]

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Xbox 360 Console Game Review

by | November 17th, 2011 |

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3‘s announcement came as no surprise from CAPCOM, seeing as how they came out with multiple versions for the Street Fighter IV series. The original Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds debuted back on February 15th, 2011, we now have the Ultimate version of the game on November 15th […]

Battlefield 3: Xbox 360 Console Game Review

by | October 28th, 2011 |

Battlefield 3 is what EA/DICE promises will change the face of shooters forever.  Huge maps and insane vehicular warfare all running on its new “Frostbite 2” engine. As a result of all the awards it was winning and all the footage showed, I was excited.  I soon played the “beta” on Xbox 360 and hopes […]

Real Steel: Xbox Live Arcade Game Review

by | October 22nd, 2011 |

Real Steel was a very awesome movie.  I’m not one to see movies much, but the trailers caught my interest.  After watching it I fell in love, especially because I love boxing (the anime “Hajime no Ippo” helped tremendously).  I was hyped as soon as I found out there would be an XBLA game. Getting […]

Bejeweled 3: Xbox Live Arcade Game Review

by | October 21st, 2011 |

Bejweled is a puzzle sensation that everyone has heard of, with games being able to be played across all platforms as well as practical social networking sites like FaceBook. Bejeweled 3 is the third installment and plans to take it a step further.  Being relatively new to the series, I am going to be sure […]