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WAGNARIA!!2 Complete Second Series Standard Edition Release

by | June 9th, 2015 |

WAGNARIA!!2 Complete Second Series Standard Edition is going to release in North America on June 23rd.  For those of you who do not know, Wagnaria is a slice of life comedy that continues the antics of the family restaurant staff of Wagnaria.  This release is going to be on a 2-disc Blu-ray set with lots of on-disc […]

Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F” New Trailer

by | December 5th, 2014 |

This is the new trailer for the upcoming 2015 Dragon Ball Z movie Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”, it is also known as Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F.  This will be available to watch in Japanese theaters as of April 18th, 2015.  In this movie Frieza has been wished back to life from […]

Sailor Moon Season 1, Set 2 Anime Release (Blu-ray and DVD)

by | December 4th, 2014 |

Viz’s continual love of the Sailor Moon series has not yet come to an end!  The legendary anime series is receiving a release which contains episodes 22-46.  This release will be available in both a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, as well as standard DVD set.  Either option is suppose to include premium packaging and bonus materials. […]

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie – Screenings in U.S. and Canada

by | August 15th, 2014 |

Everyone who is a fan of anime and manga knows that Naruto is a massively popular series and it is now bringing its 6th movie in the Naruto: Shippuden series for audiences in the U.S. and Canada.  Select U.S. locations (Starting August 29th) and over 35 Canadian locations (On September 7th and 11th) will feature […]

Black Rose Alice Manga and Vampire Knight DVD Box Set Release

by | August 6th, 2014 |

Viz Media is doing it once again by giving us some more anime and manga goodness for us to sink our teeth into (Literally!).  They will be releasing the manga “Black Rose Alice Vol. 1” in both print and digital mediums under the Shojo Beat imprint.  In addition to this, we have the “Vampire Knight: […]

Fairy Fencer F Coming to North America and Europe in September

by | June 27th, 2014 |

Fairy Fencer F will be available for digital download as well as physical release for the PlayStation 3 in North America on September 23rd and will be available in Europe three days later on September 26th!  Fairy Fencer F is developed by COMPILE HEART and is a Turn-Based Japanese Role-Playing Game that features character art […]

Viz Media Acquires Sailor Moon, Including the New “Sailor Moon Crystal”

by | May 19th, 2014 |

Sailor Moon is possibly the most beloved shoujo manga and anime in history, the name alone is legendary and instantly recognizable all over the world.  Viz Media has recently acquired the licensing rights to Sailor Moon and its new series, Sailor Moon Crystal, I personally believe this is a large step in the right direction. […]

NIS America has acquired Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara

by | April 10th, 2014 |

NIS America has now acquired Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (“If Her Flag Breaks”) for North America.  This series is based off of a light novel of the same name, much like Kyoukai no Kanata or Outbreak Company.  The author appears to be Toka Takei and is illustrated by Cuteg. Viewing currently being available through Crunchyroll and it […]

VIZ Media Anime and Manga News Round Up

by | February 25th, 2014 |

Sorry about the delay everyone, but I have some news delivered from VIZ Media which I was unable to give to everyone simply because I was so hard at work on other things.  I am going to do my best, regardless of how much work I have, to give you news faster (Basically, on the […]

Viz Media’s “Neon Alley” Comes to the U.S.

by | February 11th, 2014 |

Viz Media seems to be launching a bold new initiative with their up coming move.  It seems they will be introducing “Neon Alley”, a free streaming archetype for anime, to be debuted on the popular application Hulu as well as Hulu Plus.  In addition to this, Neon Alley is set to become the new home […]