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【Apex Legends】Legacy Battle Pass Trailer

To be honest, I wasn’t sure that we were going to get a “Battle Pass” trailer, considering that it’s only a day before Season 9 releases…so I’m pleasantly surprised. We have gotten a trailer for Apex Legends‘ battle pass since the very first season, so I guess it’s better late than never (not to mention it’s a good marketing strategy considering it drums up interest right before release).

Let’s take a look at this trailer and I’ll give you my impressions on what we see. Also, feel free to let me know your thoughts as well!



From their previous trailers, it’s very easy to see that they’re going for a “Japanese” themed battle pass, mostly because of the legend they’re introducing. If you didn’t know, “Valkyrie” is of Japanese origin, so it makes sense that they would attempt to draw more people in using The Land of the Rising Sun, as it’s always a popular location.

The skins they have showed as far as characters are pretty good; Rampart is FINALLY getting a decent skin (“Craft Kitsune”), since the one they released for Season 8 was massively underwhelming. A legendary skin for my main within the battle pass is all the incentive I need to actually pick it up. What they showed her with, the “Blood and Bone” Devotion, actually looks amazing and will definitely replace the Jade Rabbit skin I currently have. Of course Wraith would have a skin (seems like Wraith, Pathfinder, or other top characters are always included for the sake of helping to sell it). “Demon’s Whisper” seems amazingly good, but I don’t like “green” within it, and that doubles for “The Way of the Serpent” Spitfire.

To be honest, everything else they showed is pretty par for the course, but we will not learn everything until the battle pass releases tomorrow. I am 100% certain to be doing my review over it and letting you know if it’s worth picking up or not, so get ready for that tomorrow!

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