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【GGStrive】Top 5 Wanted DLC Characters

Guilty Gear -Strive- makes waves April when it releases, and many people (myself included) cannot wait for it!  There’s already a Season 1 Pass available which includes 5 additional characters that will be added to the game as Downloadable Content!  Of course, we are all curious as to who these will be, but I do have some preferences as far as returning faces goes.


Jam is the first character I mained when Guilty Gear -Revelator- came out and has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine because of her devastating power despite being a lithe woman and the fact that’s amazingly cute; one of my main picks since Guilty Gear XX.  I think she’s a staple within the Guilty Gear series who always brings amazing combos and style to the game when put in the right hands, and her relentless pressure will be right at home with -Strive-‘s current style. 

 #4 — BEDMAN 

A new character that was introduced within Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, he is shown to be a hyper-intelligent antagonist who fights lying in a bed that enables him to attack while asleep.  I think that his power within the lore is crazy and he has an extremely unique play style.  Someone within a bed just shouldn’t be as cool as Bedman, nor should they be as intelligent, powerful, and arrogant…but here he is.  I’m hoping he makes a comeback, which I feel is certain, given his roles in the previous games.

 #3 — DIZZY 

The Half-Gear wife of Ky and mother of Sin Kiske, she’s been another staple within the Guilty Gear franchise. Dizzy returned as one of four DLC characters added for Guilty Gear -REVELATOR-, and I was beyond hyped to play her once more!  

When it comes to Dizzy I absolutely adore her design, she has a lot going on but it is balanced rather well. How many characters can say “I have a devil and an angel on my shoulder” and literally mean it! As far as her playstyle, I think that Dizzy’s brand of aggressive zoning is appealing despite my love for more rush-down heavy characters (the only other character that has been able to fill this “aggressive zoning” role for me is Hilda from Under Night In-Birth).  Seeing as Guilty Gear -STRIVE- has big damage with a massive emphasis on rush-down, I think they absolutely deserve to have a character that capable of holding her own from a distance like Dizzy does (which I feel would be different from what Ramlethal Valentine currently does).

 #2 — ELPHELT 

Introduced in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, Elphelt sported a wedding-like dress before having her appearance updated in -REVELATOR-.  I found myself loving this character because of her playstyle and how cute she was, the wedding dress costume option literally making her a “waifu”!  I even found myself making a combo video called “Waifu Gotta Shotgun”.

Despite her being loathed by many people within the Guilty Gear community because of her scummy, unblockable setups and pressure with her shotgun and command grabs, I loved her.  I think in the right hands she was devastating (looking at you LostSoul and Hotashi), but lots of other characters were also ridiculous (I’m talking about Zato-1, Johnny, etc.).  I hope she comes back and has an enjoyable playstyle, but considering her previous reception and no longer being relevant to the story, I doubt it.

 #1 — A.B.A 

A.B.A. is a homunculus who has a living demon axe for a spouse (against his will too!).  She’s artificial and lived in seclusion, but still tries her best despite being at a loss on how to exist outside of where she was created.  I was first introduced to this character during one of the most unique entries in the GG franchise, Guilty Gear Isuka; I also love her theme “Keep in Gates”.

I fell in love with A.B.A. because I find that she is eccentric, even amongst the unique cast that make up Guilty Gear.  I love dreary women, proof being that I am extremely fond of anime characters Mikoto Urabe (Mysterious Girlfriend X) and Tomoko Kuroki (Watamote), so her gothic, zombie-esque appearance gave A.B.A. massive appeal to me.  Though, more so than this was her fighting style.

In the latest iteration of Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus R, she is considered one of the worst characters without her powered up state and one of the best while within it.  A.B.A. consumes bloodpacks or a transformative command grab to enter either “Moroha Mode” or an even stronger version called “Goku Moroha Mode”; this mode constantly drains her HP but gives her super armor on some moves, better damage, increased movement speed, and she looks even more sinister.  The balance and difference of her alternative modes and the management needed brought constant fun in matches.

Unfortunately, I do not see A.B.A. joining the cast at all, despite not showing up at any point in the Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- series.  Outside of Guilty Gear Isuka, she has not had any emphasis or prominent roles.  Moreover, one of the newest characters to Guilty Gear -Strive- (Nagoriyuki), has a mode which is centered around blood and drains HP while he’s within that mode (Blood Rage).  I very much doubt they’d give two characters similar mechanics, even if A.B.A.’s is different and was already an established character.  Here’s hoping for the best that our cute, undead-looking homunculus makes the cut!

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