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Unleash the Demon — My Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Combo Video

I have been playing Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, as it is the next entry into the “Marvel vs Capcom” series.  While my main and favorite Capcom character from Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 made the cut (Dante), I did not have anyone I was particularly interested in pairing with him; I wanted it to be a female character and did not have any candidates I was particularly interested in playing.  Once they announced that “Monster Hunter” would be a character in the first downloadable content available for the game, I already knew who I was pairing him with.

As you might have realized from my previous Marvel vs Capcom 3 vanilla combo video “Deus ex Ruina” and my Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- combo video “Waifu Gotta Shotgun“, I am a pretty decent at making them.  So I decided I would make a combo video for each new fighting game I play with my main character (Did not make one for TEKKEN 7 because I had to give it back to a friend).  According to this logic, I HAD to make one for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

 Unleash the Demon 

What I wanted to focus on in this video was the dynamics of their team composition; how they aid each other in combos, how they work together with the timestone, and how they use their individual strengths to make them a difficult duo to deal with once any hit has landed.

They are able to aid each other in combos by being extensions of each other.  Dante has moves that deal a lot of hits while simultaneously keeping the opponent in one place; this is good for resets as well as providing enough hits to keep them in hitstun while Monster Hunter lands her “sweet spot” quarter-circle forward heavy punch into super.  Monster Hunter has the ability to ground opponents while not using a ground bounce to be utilized later.  Not to mention both of their supers have lockdown properties that enable them to be thrown out in a pressure situation to give an advantage.

Time Stone allows them to cancel normals into a dash, which can be used for cross-ups or same-side mix-ups.  Not only this, but some combos can utilize them by switching sides or staying close to the opponent after tagging in and capitalizing off of their partner’s combo.  The storm works well for both, but especially for Monster Hunter since she has an overhead (which cancels into normals because of Time Stone’s Infinity Storm).  This results in devastating combos from a single storm.

Their individual strengths basically rely on Monster Hunters dodge in demon mode along with her hyper armor, while Dante has pretty safe special moves and an impeccable teleport.  She is able to take hits and deal out massive damage while Dante can get her out safely and allow for her to be tagged in to finish off mediocre starters for big damage or pressure-heavy reset situations.

Really hope you enjoyed my Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite combo video, “Unleash the Demon”!  Please give a like and share this post and video if you liked it!  Hopefully you will subscribe to my channel and get ready for more content in the future!

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