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The Collectionary for Manga

Not too long ago I was introduced to something that I find absolutely amazing, it is something I believe is relevant to everyone that comes to my blog and I want to share it with the masses simply by how cool I find it to be.
Have you ever wondered exactly what all manga is out there?  Have you actually wondered how many people collect it and how it would look once all pieces of a collection are assembled?  Being a manga collector myself, I never realized how many different series there were…but that is where The Collectionary comes in.
I want to give you a little peek on what The Collectionary and how it is trying to archive all known manga for avid collectors to know where to go to buy them!

[ Understanding The Collectionary ]

Speaking with a representative from The Collectionary, my goal was to find out more about it so that I could relate exactly what its intentions were.  So, I conducted a little Q & A session to give myself a better understanding. When I finally understood what their goal was after they answered all of my questions,  for someone who is interested in everything the world of manga has to offer, I found myself pleasantly surprised.

Below I have included our full Q & A session so you all can get a better understanding of what The Collectionary is, and why I am trying to bring it to your attention.

  1. What inspired The Collectionary into existence?
  2. The Collectionary was built because we wanted to create a Dictionary of everything in the world that people collect. There are hundreds of e-commerce sites, but there is no dedicated place where you can learn about different items. Whether it’s the history, facts, or unique attributes regarding a particular collectible or item, we want to give people a place to learn about the collectibles they love.

  3. What made you coin it The Collectionary?
  4. Collectionary comes from combining the words Collection and Dictionary. A fun play on words that explains what we are working on with our site and brand.

  5. Why is your site devoted solely to Manga?
  6. No, the Manga Collectionary is one out of hundreds of different Collectionaries to join. We have expert collectors we call moderators that help us with each Collectionary to add new and cool items to the site. In fact, we would love to have more Manga moderators willing to help out.

  7. What’s the takeaway for potential customers? What can they hope to gain from perusing your site?
  8. We hope anyone checking out our site will enjoy looking at all the amazing collectibles ever created. Looking at the older, nostalgic items we want them to bring back many fond memories as a child or another time in your life. We also want people to learn about Collectibles as we point to where those items are for sale anywhere on the internet.

  9. Anything unusual worth noting about your site? Manga?
  10. Our site would love to have more moderators helping us out. I’m sure you will find many unusual and never before seen Manga here.

    To see all the amazing Collectionaries please visit our homepage:

  11. Is the Collectionary only a place to look at manga? Or is it a place we can also buy manga?
  12. Everything that you see on the site was once for sale. We keep track of the price history for each item and reference places on the internet the items are currently for sale. Our goal is to be the ultimate dictionary of every item ever created instead of just a buying and selling platform.

  13. What do I do if my particular item of interest cannot be found within The Collectionary? Is it possible to start my own?
  14. If you’re interested in founding a new Collectionary you can simply email me at and we’ll get it started for you.

    We are working on ways for it to become much easier to be a founding Collectionary creator, but it does require a lot of work to add all the items for that subject.

  15. You have manga, but do you also have anime available? What about figurines such as nendoroids, PVC’s, and Resin garage kits?
  16. We also have an Anime Collectionary –

    Since I’m not a Manga expert, we would love to create Collections with the Anime Collectionary to show case the nendoroids, PVC’s, and Resin garage kits.

  17. Does your manga feature only the English translations? Or do you also support the original Japanese text? What about manwa, or Korean style manga?
  18. We don’t have any language requirements for the Manga in the Collectionary. IF there are no other texts available it’s simply because no Moderator has stepped forward to add the variations.

    We would love to have more moderators to help us with these tasks so if you’re very knowledgeable, we would love to have you contribute!


Something else that intrigued me was the fact that, besides only trying to track down every manga every made, they also will attempt to keep track of which retailers are currently selling the manga (Even on places like ebay, Amazon, and even lesser known sites). This way those who are truly interested in collecting the item have the best shot at being able to find a way to obtain it.

Also, something else that I find particularly interesting, is the pricing chart that every item has. They will also try to keep track of how much the item costs per month. This allows someone to tell the rarity of an item by how much more expensive (Or least expensive) it becomes over time. One can also predict if something will end up costing more in the future to avoid waiting on purchasing an item later on down the line, or if it is better to hold onto an item and sell it at a time where it would be priced the highest. There are tons of using for just the pricing chart alone.
[ My Take ] 

Just some of the items you can find at The Collectionary.

At first I was wondering what good could possibly come from trying to archive all the manga ever created, as I am sure that other sites have already done it before. However, nothing has been done like The Collectionary, which has the chance to expose you to manga you had not even known existed.

I am impressed that the collections have visible pictures, a pricing chart, and if the item can currently be bought and where to buy it. I did not think I would find a place that could be as useful as this for tracking down old manga items that have been out of print a while ago. While this article mainly focuses on their manga aspect, they also have other collections, including anime.

You can also find The Collectionary on facebook.

Thanks for reading my article! I hoped this helped you on your manga needs!

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