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“noobz” Movie Trailer All but Promises Disappointment

Looking on RoosterTeeth’s YouTube Channel, I was checking to see if the “W” Trailer for Monty Oum’s  new animation “RWBY” had released (To no avail) but I did find a movie trailer for something called “noobz”.

At first I was hype because it seemed like it was going to be a funny, interesting movie for all of us gamers out there but upon watching the trailer in full I was completely disgusted by what I saw.  This movie seems to completely stereotype gamers as being no-life, anti-social idiots who are all awkward and over-the-top.

I want to tell you why I believe this movie will only help to cement negative stereotypes for the gaming community and only give more “ammo” for non-gamers.

The Trailer



The trailer for “noobz” is mainly about four socially awkward competitive gamers who are going to go to Los Angeles, California in order to participate in the Cyber Bowl III Championship for the Gears of War 3 Tournament.  There seems to be one guy who has a girlfriend who seems to believe he is worthless and addicted to games, one person who works at a gaming store who is funding the event, one kid who is apparently on life support, and one guy that yells “Road Trip!” who probably still lives with his mother.  Also, there seems to be a very “Dodge Ball” type character who is probably going to be the captain of the main rival team who goes by the name of “Frogger”.  They seem to get themselves into outlandish situations and finally arrive at Cyber Bowl III to try and take home the glory and a 100,000 dollar grand prize for 1st place.
What I am Getting From this Movie Trailer as far as Stereotyping Competitive Gamers

“GIMME ONE RIGHT HERE BRO!” (x4).  Seriously, who actually does this?

Gamers themselves already have to go through a multitude of teasing and bullying simply because they like to play games when they are in grade school and sometimes are even labeled nerds and no lives in college.  The mainstream media blames gaming for childhood obesity, senseless violence, and even being a distraction from larger things in life instead of listing any positives at all (Such as how it keeps kids out of streets and gangs, increases memory and reflexes, etc.).  However, we all can agree that most of the stereotypes surrounding games and gamers is mostly bad in the area of being nerdy, anti-social dungeon dwellers who still inhabit their Mom’s basement and are afraid of sunlight.  Well, sorry to say that this movie seems to bring all those stereotypes into fruition on the big screen.
First off, they start off with someone saying, “This is my game controller.  There are many game controllers like it, but this one is mine.  Without me, my game controller is useless”.  First off, this was a VERY idiotic line; anyone can use your game controller just like anyone can pick up someone else’s arcade stick, a true gamer would say that they are nothing without their controller, not the other way around.  Also, the fact the wording says that “Their only obstacle is…THEMSELVES“.  Really?  Very “Original”.  Next thing you know they are all shown coming together for a road trip and they have to pick up someone that the person driving DOES NOT LIKE.  Then, on top of all of that, the dude requires an oxygen mask.  Wait, what?  First off, if you are going to be traveling cross country to go ANYWHERE, let alone a video game tournament, you are going to have to like every member on your team and you are going to have to get along.  Everyone knows that it is very hard to play with someone you do not like because you do not want to follow their orders or advice and end up wanting to do the opposite, not to mention it is apparently a little kid who is half-dead with something.  We also get random scenes of a woman macing one of the guys, them inside the tournament (What type of team name is “riegn”?), some weird dude everyone recognizes as “Frogger”, and a moment with a BBW stripper that apparently ends up with one of them in an ambulance.  Need I really say more?
This movie seems to give everyone who thinks ill of people who game as their hobby all the ammo they need to ridicule.  They will easily use this movie as a source to talk about gamers in the future as it completely fits the stylized image most people who do not actually game actively have of us.  I cannot help but feel embarrassed that someone has taken money, made this movie, and thought it would actually be good and appeal to the average gamer.  I am even more appalled that EPIC let them use one of my favorite series of all time as the game they are supposedly specializing in.  We have enough half-baked research studies and extremist anti-video game revolutionaries attempting to sell the public the image of the gamer population, this need not add fuel to the fire.
While this movie is obviously attempting to appease to the more radical stereotypes for gamers (I mean it is titled “noobz”) it seems to totally miss anything related to gaming in the trailer besides reference to Gears of War 3 and wanting to go to a video game tournament (Cyber Bowl III).  All it is to me is a bunch of random events from guys who have not lived a day in their lives attempting to form a dysfunctional team in order to win a serious competition.  The randomness is not something I expect to happen on a typical road trip across country, and this quartet of idiots certainly do not make up the typical 4-man team for tournaments.  I would have liked something more akin to someone leaving behind their favorite controller, wanting to take a detour to see their online girlfriend, or even losing their money along the way in a practice tournament and having to find a way to win it all back to create drama; at least that would have been more thrilling than the complete random stuff that made up this trailer.  
Moreover, I am not seeing any of the practice or dedication that goes into winning a competitive tournament, especially because one of the person seems reluctant to go in the first place (Only if his friend pays for everything).  Generally, competitive gamers are people who play the game day in and day out and have a certain plan to win matches; this group, as they are, should not be able to make it past the opening matches, especially because of how Gears of War is at high level competition on the simple basis that there is already static between the team members.  Not to mention all of this completely random stuff is happening and because of that we will probably not see them get any practice or game talk in the entire time, only matters worse.  Gears of War 3 is a pretty serious game because Gears of War is a serious series with some of the most dedicated fans; it was on the MLG circuit for a bit so there are some pro teams out there (I have yet to see if anyone from popular teams are in the movie) which, if they made an appearance, should completely sodomize this group of misfits.
What I Would Want

A “noob” is someone who think they are good at the game and has spent considerable amount of time in a game but are actually very bad at it and worlds worse than they think they actually are.  I would have loved for this movie to be about 4 guys who think they are tough stuff to travel to a tournament and lose horribly even though they do so well online and find out that there are bigger fish than they are and to have their hopes crushed.  I would then have liked for them to receive training from someone, probably someone famous in the MLG circuits, in order to become a good team in order to attempt to win an even more prestigious gaming competition and defeat the team that originally took them out.  For good drama someone could find a girlfriend along the way that distracts him from practice, maybe their best player has an offer to join another team and takes them up on it, maybe someone attempts to betray them by telling their strategies to another team by using a rewired Turtle Beach headset or something. Overall though, I would have liked a movie that portrayed noobs turning into actual pro gamers.  Even more it will show how you can mature while playing games and turn into respectable players of high skill and how much work it actually takes to be a competitive gamer.  
Also, since League of Legends is probably the most played game in the world (I do not play it), I would have liked for that to be the main game so that we would get tons more people to see gaming in a positive light by bringing along friends and family (Not to mention we would possibly get more game-related movies if it blew up at the box office and maybe a sequel featuring StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty or something).
What the HELL was EPIC thinking?!


Yup, comedy at its finest.  A man with his face in another man’s crotch.

With the Gears of War logo plastered everywhere, including posters at Cyber Bowl III and at the gaming shop showed in the trailer, they have to be officially sponsoring this movie or at least gave an “OK” for them to do it; why did they give this a green light?!  Epic is are the creators of the famed Unreal Tournament Engine, Unreal Tournament gaming series, Gears of War series, and many other things; so they should be completely in-tune with the gamer.  However, I cannot help but think that they are getting money hungry and are banking on gamers going out to see this movie because it has Gears of War in it and that us gamers just want another movie about us.  Really though, if you were going to help endorse this movie and put any type of resources behind it, why not go ahead and make that Gears of War movie everyone is waiting on?  Even a CGI movie similar to Final Fantasy: Advent Children would have sufficed for me.  I think this is a poor choice and something I do not think would have happened if Cliff  Bleszinski “Cliffy B” was still a member of EPIC, no way on God’s green earth would he have green lit this foolishness.
The Verdict

Only thing more disturbing than this is the rules in the background.  Friendly Fire is “Off”?  WTF?

Regardless of how I feel, I will still go to support this game simply because it is video game related, however, I already know that it will more than likely be nonsensical and absolute trash.  I remember being a “noob” and a “scrub” and maturing into a gamer who does not talk trash unless provoked, responding to hate-mail in a grown-up fashion, and not tea-bagging unless the guy is asking for it.  
On the other hand, this movie may just surprise me and go, “Hey, Derek!  You cannot judge a book by its cover!” which I would then have to go into my kitchen and eat a nice big slice of humble pie.  Until then I will shun this movie for the simple fact I think it completely misrepresents competitive gamers and the seriousness and ferocity of the competition and the competitors.  I am still mad at EPIC for having involvement with it and for everyone involved for that matter simply because the impressions given are negative and laughable at best.  Oh well, we will see what happens when the movie finally lands.
Thank you for reading.  Arigatou! Sayonara!

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13 Replies to ““noobz” Movie Trailer All but Promises Disappointment”

  1. Rok, Holy shit, you took some real time to write this review of the trailer, I just wish it was of the actual film.. I couldn't agree more with some of your feelings on video game movies, but this one is not what you think it is. I'm Blake Freeman Actor/Director of the film and just happened to be checking out the noobz Facebook page and someone posted this. I will clear some things up without giving away the story. First off, this film does not negatively stereo type gamers. One kid yes, he would be considered a nerd and unbeknownst to gamers (like what I did there) there are a few nerds out there. The rest of the guys are real world without the slapstick stereotype. Not a dodge ball type comedy where over the top ridiculousness is the stage for the humor. I have been and always will be a gamer. When Marvin Wilson and I wrote the script our goal was to make a realistic gaming film where four players (3 of them noobz) head to play in a championship. I don't want to give away the film, but what you asked for… could be in there! About sponsorship, NO sponsor paid us a dime to be in the film, each company read the script and we chose the one that would give us the most support in getting the film out to the public. Anytime you attend any gaming championship, they are plastered with paid advertisement, the movie had to mirror that. We made the film independent of any studio. You would have jumped out of a window if you could have heard the studio execs offer up script changes that would have made the film another ridiculous and unrealistic gaming movie. I've never really comment on these but you really took some time here, it was impressive. Let's reconvene in a couple of weeks and see what you thought of the film! Support the indie Films! Keep up the good work!

    Blake Freeman

  2. Well, hopefully it is tons better than the trailer because I did not get that feeling from this particular one. I heard that you have Rob (Prodigy X) in there, and I know he's pretty good as I've played with him a couple of times. I'm just hoping this does competitive gamers justice… I'll be doing a movie review when it comes out, so I hope to hear from you then.

  3. actually a noob means someone who is new at the game so you should correct that 🙂 (well it is the original definition). Dont worry a true "gamer" movie is coming up PurePwnage the movie, if you have never heard of PurePwnage you should check out their web series or their tv series, PurePwnage were the founders of A web series back in like 2004 before youtube and all that stuff.

  4. No a "Newb" is someone who is new at the game which is different from a "noob". Also, never heard of PurePwnage, I will have to check that out.

  5. What I'd no one can use my game controller because I won't share it with them.. No where in that paragraph does it say no one can touch my controller and the movie wasn't that bad yeh the old guy was a dumb a$$ but he had his place in the story

  6. hey great fuckin movie i can relate to it being a gamer who is in their late 20's went thru a divorce and has had shitty friends who cost the sweet taste of glory for own selfishness but all that said loved ure movie great cast great dialog.

  7. If this is really blake I would like to thank you for this movie, it was hilarious. I had seen this trailer before seeing the film. I have no idea where this guy gets all of this out of a simple trailer. This article really annoyed me, I am a gamer have been since back in the days of colecovision, and this movie is great. I love how you parody (at least it seems like you did) the guy who was the world record holder for donkey kong , billy mitchel I think his name is. I also enjoyed the different types of people shown as gamers, how diverse you've made them and represented us as a community. The movie was funny as hell, mews was amazing, my only issue was the ending of the tourney was a little too predictable and kind of a let down, but other than that I would say the movie is a solid 4 out of 5. If the ending were different I would have went 5.

  8. you have to be the dumbest person alive. me as a almost pro gamer would like to disagree with you who seems to me is probably a noob. you dont get the concept pf gaming in the first place. in the game is the only time yku can be yourself so who cares if a guy says something 4x in a row, let him do it and dont be a dick. you spund like a little 9 year old to me. and you probably get bullied yourself so dont try that shit.

  9. "Almost Pro Gamer", "Probably a noob", "In the game is the only time you can be yourself"….?

    Yeah, I'm not taking you seriously, that has got to be a troll post.

  10. Rok, PS. The Gamers Creed was simply a variation of the "Rifleman's Creed." Marines, look it up. Also, its a little rough to make a review based off of a trailer… Especially one so in depth as this with no real knowledge of the movie itself. Epic fail there my friend, but overall your rant is legitimate.

    GT: TakeHim

  11. Well, I was not making a review on the movie, just what I assumed the movie could be based off of what they presented in the trailer. I have heard it may actually be a decent movie, but I am not going to waste my money or time to find out.

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